Obama “Won’t Pre-Judge the Secret Service Investigation” BUT Obama Pre-Judged the Zimmerman/Martin Investigation………….

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While the Secret Service Investigation into at least 12 Agents Hiring Prostitutes in Colombia  is Yielding a lot more Real Evidence early on, as compared to the Still Unfolding evidence of the George Zimmerman/Trevon Martin case at the time Obama decided to speak to The Citizens of the United States and The World early into its Investigation, Obama is Refraining from discussing the Secret Service Case Until ALL the FACTS are in, and won’t “Pre-Judge.”
Hmmmmm………….But in regards to the Zimmerman/Martin Case, Obama thought it prudent, that a day after the Public found out about the Zimmerman case, to announce to The United States of America, and to The World, that if he “Had a son, he’d look like Trevon Martin,” and give the rest of his opinion on the case, which was one sided to say the least, which was a catalyst to the Witch Hunt for Zimmerman, and effectively gave the Green Light, or rather others may interpreted Obama’s words as the go ahead, and the likes of Al Sharpton throwing ‘Fits’ around the Country, Jesse Jackson with his side shows, Spike Lee tweeting the Address of what he thought to be Zimmerman’s Family, all the while tweeting the address of an elderly couple who had to flee their home in Fear, The ‘New’ Black Panther Party announcing a $10,000.00 Bounty on the Head of George Zimmerman, Radio Show call ins calling for taking Arms against the ‘Crackers,’ “Whities,’ starting a Race War, etc., etc.
While Obama is entitled to his opinion on Anything, coming out with his Inflammatory Remarks about the Zimmerman/Martin Case so early on was at the very least a Poor Choice of Timing, and at the Very most, Purposeful in Nature, with intent to ‘Stir the Pot.’ which added Fuel to the Flames. Actually, as I think about it, Obama should have kept silent so early on in the still unfolding Zimmerman/Martin Case. Being President, it is his duty to Calm, rather than to Insight. Obama knew that the Case was Extremely Racially Charged, and that there were Heated exchanges all across the United States, yet instead of Quenching the Flames, and trying to bring people together, he decided to Insight more Hate Mongering, and further separate the very Peoples that he took an Oath to bring Together.
Obama, with his Poor Timing, and Poor Choice of words, most likely turned back the clock on Race Realations in this Country at least 5 years. What is even more disturbing is that Obama Knew what he was doing by speaking Publicly about the Case so early on, and that is what is Scary. Obama may be a lot of things, But he isn’t Dumb, and knew Exactly what he was doing by Speaking the Words he did. I have No Doubt that his Wife Michelle had Input regarding the Zimmemrna/Martin Case, as everyone did, But her words undoubtedly preceded, and may have been the catalyst for The President speaking his devisive words regarding the Zimmerman Case.
As it turned out, the Evidence as it was presented, and later to be found out, Manipulated, at the time Obama spoke to The World, was Inaccurate. This is just one of the reasons Obama should have waited before speaking about the Case.

– ABC  ‘doctored’ the Video of Zimmerman walkking into the Police Precint the night of the incident.
– NBC and MSNBC edited the 9-1-1 Audio Tape the night Zimmerman called in for an Emergency.
– CNN later retracted it’s reporting, and the Reporter himself also retracted that George Martin on the 9-1-1 tape, called Trevon Martin a “Fucking Coon,” when, after listening to the enhanced tape after an Investigative firm lent their sevices, the words Zimmerman spoke were “Fucking Cold.” A HUGE difference, But the CNN Reporter already Announced to The World that the words spoken were the Inflammatory ones, and People still believe it Today.
– ALL of the Media is showing a Re-touched, Softened 3 year old Photo of Trevon Martin when he was 13-14 years old, anytime the Zimmerman/Martin case is Aired. This Photo does not accurately portray Trevon Martin at the time of the incident, and is meant to be Manipulative, and have a Subliminal effect on the Viewers. The Media is still using this Photo today.

All the above means that Obama, being The POTUS, should be Above All this Deceptiveness, Mis-Reporting, Manipulation of Evidence, Lying, Race Mongering, etc.  Instead, Obama Didn’t Wait for All The Facts, and Obama PRE-JUDGED the George Zimmerman/Trevon Martin Case, insighting the Race Baitors, War Mongers, etc. when he should have been the Calming Effect for Our Country, and the rest of The World…………………………..
A Real Shame, and Very Telling Indeed………………………

Obama’s Secret Service Team Involved in Prostitution Scandal in Columbia

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12 Secret Service Agents were sent home to the USA from Columbia, because they were involved in a Prostitution Scandal in Columbia.
I’m very surprised that the Secret Service was involved in a Protitution Scandal such as this. Secret Service Agents, although Human, are usually beyond reproach. That’s because they are of a certain Caliber Law Enforcement Level, the Best of the Best regading Integrity.
Can’t remember the last time the Secret Service was involved in a Scandal, at least of this magnitude. Would be interesting to see the Identities and Background information of those Agents involved.
Although that information may not ever be made Public, unless there was Criminal Activity involved.
If the prostitute (s) in question was (were) under age (I believe under the age of 18) which is a possibility, that would be a Criminal Offense under US Law, and the offender would be arrested and charged accordingly with Child Prostitution, Endangering the Welfare of a Child, etc. no matter what the local laws regarding age of consent are in the Country of the offense.



Up to a dozen Secret Service agents in Colombia for President Barack Obama’s trip there have been relieved of their duties amid allegations of misconduct. The Secret Service did not detail the accusations but said they did not affect security for the president, who landed in the country Friday for a…

Sprint’s Recent ‘Material Adverse Change of Contract.’ End Contract Without an ETF Penalty?

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I just noticed a Sprint Surcharge Increase on my Bill under ‘Administrative Charges.’
The increase is from .99 cents to $1.50. I was not aware of this Surcharge Increase.
If this is something new, this would count as a ‘Material Adverse Change of Contract,’ and enable those customers who want to End their Contracts Early without paying an ETF to do so.

I am unclear if Sprint sent Notification of this increase. I know they Increased the ETF from $200 to $350, But i don’t know if this Surcharge Increase was included.

Ebay Sellers Should Boycott Ebay, as This May be the Only Solution!!

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Ebay Sellers should Boycott ebay as this is probably the only way for ebay to listen to the complaints of their sellers, and make the Appropriate changes to the ebay system, in order to level the playing field, and give the Sellers a fair shake.
I am normally a Buyer, and sell a few items here and there. I recently Sold a $400 item which the Buyer did not pay for. I emailed the Buyer and did not receive a response. EBAY also emailed the buyer with no response. I opened up an Unpaid Item Case manually. I did this after the required wait of 4 days after the auction ended. I now have to wait another 4 days to see if the buyer will pay, although the buyer has not responded to any emails from me or ebay previously.
I have spoken to Customer Service 4 times regarding how to go about initiating an Unpaid Item Case as I don’t do this often. I have also done a lot of Googling to find out this information. I have learned that the Customer Service Reps at ebay are as inept as they come, probably as bad as the Reps at HP. They really don’t give a crap, which of course starts at the Top, which would be ebay Corporate. These Reps can barely Understand English, and a couple of them are as Rude has All Hell!!
The inept reps at ebay have told me the following inaccuracies:

1) I can open an Unpaid Item Case 3 Days after the auction ends.
2) Even though I have initiated the Unpaid Item Assistant After the Auction ended, the Assistant will still open the case up for me Automatically.
3) I can close the case on the 5th day because sometimes the system does not allow you to close on the 4th day.
4) When the Item goes Unpaid, ebay records a strike against the Buyer, which can be seen in the Buyers Feedback Profile, so others can see.
5) the system allows you to close the case after 4 days, and does Not go by the exact time you opened the case.

I see the option is there to close the case, But I have read that in the Resolution dept., I need to check whether I was Paid yet or not, then close the case. I do not see those choice options, and only see the close Case option. I also called to asked whether those options will appear on the 4th day.

I have read that the Case must be Opened After exactly 4 Days to the Hour and Minute, and the Case can be Closed After 4 Days Exactly to the Hour and Minute After the Case was opened.

The Reps are relentless in their explanation why the Buyer may not have paid, and to Give them time to do so. No concern regarding the Seller, and having the Seller waste all this time because of Buyers who do not pay.
In addition, Second Chance Offers 8 days after the Auction has ended most likely are taken up on because the prospective Buyers have probably started Bidding on similar items already.
Ebay is Very Frustrating, and Wastes a lot of the Sellers time. And this is only for 1 item I am selling! What about all these Power Sellers who sell Hundreds, and Thousands of Items. I don’t know how they do it! Imagine having 10’s or 100’s of non paying buyers who hold up their inventories, and Waste all of the Sellers time.
Obviously ebay doesn’t give a Rat’s Ass, and is Only concerned with the Buyers well being. I call for a Boycott of ebay as that is the only way ebay will initiate changes. Otherwise, all this Bullshit will drag on forever. Hit them in their Greedy Pockets, and you will see they will make the changes.If not, See ya, as they say.
Oh, and by the way, No Negative Feedback for the Buyers from the Sellers!! You gotta be Shitt’n me!! Like I said, I’m predominately a Buyer, But this Crap has gotta Stop as it is Shameful!!

I’m really surprised there hasn’t been a Boycott of ebay yet. What is taking so long. Without Sellers, there are No Buyers!! This is the ONLY SOLUTION as ebay doesn’t give a Shit as of now, and think that the Sellers would Never Boycott. I say Let’s Prove Them Wrong, and Initiate Changes the Old Fashioned Way, By Exerting Pressure on the Greedy Bastards!!

Dr. Mehmet Oz: High Arsenic Levels: 50% of USA Apple Juice Imported from China!!

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The Debate about whether the Arsenic Levels in Apple Juice is Safe has begun, started by Dr. Oz. Arsenic in Apple Juice? Well, there is Organic & Inorganic Arsenic in Apple Juice, the former bing the ‘safe’ type of Arsenic. Didn’t know there was a ‘Safe’ type of Arsenic we can digest, let alone our children?

While the Arsenic debate is continuing, what came as a Surprise to me was that 50% (an additional 10% Imported from other Countries) of the Apple Juice we drink in the USA is Imported from China!! The US doesn’t allow China to Export Whole Apples because of the way China grows Apples regarding Pesticides used, etc. But China is Allowed to export Apple Juice Concentrate because the US Agricultural Dept. says that processing eliminates most of the contaminants. China is the country which Poisons our Infants with Contaminated Baby Formula, Murders our Beloved Pets with Contaminated Pet Food, the same China that Poisons our Children with Lead Paint they use to Manufacture Toys, Manufactured Drywall used to build of Thousands of Homes in Florida a few years back, emitted Corrosive Gasses, and All of the Sheetrock had to be Removed from All of these Homes.

I do my Best to stay away from Anything Made in China, which is getting Very Hard to do the past few years. But One thing is for sure….Now that I know that our Apple Juice is made from Apple concentrate, which is Imported from China, I will be thorough in checking the Origin of the Apple Juice Ingredients.
It appears if you don’t drink Concentrated Apple Juice, All will be fine. Btw, sometimes the Country of Origin may not be stated, But we now know that 90% of the Apples are Imported from China. I will Not take a Chance on any Consumable Product whose Ingredients are Imported from China. I did not know this, and I’m glad Dr. Oz brought this Fact to everyone’s attention.

Meanwhile, Dr. Oz is getting heat from almost everyone involved. The FDA sent a Notification to Dr. Oz 5 days before the  ‘Arsenic Apple Juice’  show was to air, stating that if he were to go on the air and speak about Arsenic Levels in Apple Juice, he would be causing an unnecessary fear in the Public, and that the Levels of Arsenic in Apple Juice are Safe, etc. We all know we can Always believe what the FDA tells us LOL! Good for Dr. Oz not backing down. While I don’t watch his show much, when I do, he appears to be a ‘straight-shooter.’

As I mentioned, the Fact that 60% (50% imported from China) of the Apple Concentrate used to process Apple Juice in the USA are Imported from China, should be more than enough Cause for Concern to the Citizens of the USA to question whether they want to consume Apple Juice themselves, and even More Importantly, whether they want their infants and children Drinking this ‘Tainted’ Apple Juice. Another question is Why are we Importing Apples?? There aren’t enough Apples here in the USA??

Seal Team 6 Helicopter Shot Down in Afghanistan…………

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UPDATE: AP sources: Crash kills members of SEAL Team 6

Insurgents shoot down a Helicopter in Afghanistan. The Helicopter was Carrying Over 20 Seal Team 6 members in addition to 7 afghan troops and other Americans, including the Helicopter Crew. All Perished. Whether there was Life after they hit the Ground, we don’t know this.
I find this Very Suspicious to say the least, as it was Seal Team 6 Members who hunted Down, and Killed their Asshole muslim Extremist leader, bin laden.
Either this is a Huge Coincidence, or there is a Leak that relayed the information that Seal Team 6 would be in the Air, which led to the Shoot Down of their Helicopter! Possibly one of the Afghan soldiers aboard the Aircraft.

Obama released the Politically Correct Statement below as not to Anger our muslim Enemies >>

“Their deaths are a reminder of the extraordinary sacrifices made by the men and women of our military and their families, including all who have served in Afghanistan,” the president said. “We will draw inspiration from their lives, and continue the work of securing our country and standing up for the values that they embodied.”

Obama said he also mourned the loss of seven Afghans “who died alongside our troops in pursuit of a more peaceful and hopeful future for their country.”

Read More: http://wcfcourier.com/news/local/update-obama-mourns-dead-in-likely-afghan-shoot-down/article_873c2af0-c01a-11e0-b994-001cc4c03286.html#ixzz1UGfcyNce
Obama should maybe wait for the Investigation regarding a Possible leak before he Mourns for the Afghan soldiers.
In addition, Obama makes No Mention of the Heroic Seal Team 6 Members and one of their Greatest Achievements in the History of Seal Team 6, which was the Hunting down and Killing of bin laden. Again, most likely because he doesn’t want to upset our muslim Extremist Enemies.
We don’t know how many, if any of the Seal team 6 members aboard the Helicopter were the same members that Killed bin laden. If there were Members aboard, these were the same members that Obama shook the hands of and Congratulated.
If the Investigation shows that there was a ‘Leak’ that helped to Shoot down this Helicopter, and that it wasn’t just a coincidence, I Hope that the US Government tells the Citizens of The United States, as well as the rest of the World……………………

Obama and Chicken Little Have Something in Common!!

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!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THE SKY IS FALLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Obama is trying to use Scare Tactics and BullShit to try to Force the Republicans into making a decision regarding the Debt “Crisis.” Obama is Attempting to Scare the Voters of the United States Of America, and put the Blame Entirely on the Republicans, because they Won’t bend to his Strong Arming.  Hopefully the Obamacans will see through Obama’s Bullshit, Unlike last time where he Mesmerized All the Voters who were looking for the Second Coming, and thought Obama Walked on Water!!


NYC’s Upper East Side 4′ 11″ Groper is Still On The Loose!!

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August 9, 2011 Wednesday >>

Person in Custody in Queens. Possibly Pint Size Bastard, The East Side Groper!! >>

Cops Nab Pint-Sized Upper East Side Serial Groper

UPDATE: August 6, 2011 Saturday

The Groper has Attacked up to 10 Women so far. He is getting More Violent. The last Victim he Kicked & Punched. Police Commissioner Kelly had said that this Groper was Harmless when the Groper first started attacking Women. I said that this Groper was not harmless and that a Grope is a Hair away from a Rape.
Guess Police Commissioner should find another job if he thought that Groping was not a hair away from a Rape. He knows better, and was just Bullshitting the Public as Usual. At least I hope he knew better. If not, he should strip himself of his Rank!!

They better catch this Asshole as soon as possible, or hopefully a Citizen will catch this Punk Asshole, and Punch him out until the cops come to get him.

UPDATE: The Asshole caught in Central park is 5′ 2″ Short, and is NOT the  4′ 11″ Height Challenged Asshole who has so far Groped 7 Women on the Upper East Side!!
The E. Side Groper is Still on the Lose!!!!!!!!
Be Careful, and Stay Alert!!

UPDATE: August 6, 2011 Saturday
The above Link is INCORRECT. The NY Post was wrong in Publishing the above Link.

The Groper is STILL on the Loose, and has expanded his area where he has been Attacking his Victims. He is Getting More Violent, So Remember to >>
Be Alert!
Protect Yourself!!

‘East Side groper’ strikes again, in Central Park

Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/manhattan/east_side_groper_strikes_again_in_g6DKFO8t8AoaBp8Wbq5O6N#ixzz1UHtFuGfd

HTC says their 1730mAh Battery used in their Evo 3D Smartphone Has a Maximum Charging Voltage of 4.35V??

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HTC’s Evo 3D has been having Over-Heating issues as well as Over-Charging issues according to some of Sprint’s customers. Two weeks ago, HTC said they were not aware of these problems, and were unable to duplicate them, but they would pay attention to the issue stated by some customers. Sprint said there are NO problems. HTC was a little more open-minded, although when asked what their specifications were for the battery being used regarding voltage, their answer was that the charger is 5v @ 1a, which is not really a complete answer as most usb chargers are of this spec.

The voltages being recorded by some customers were sometimes upwards of 4.35v and higher. This was very disturbing to say the least, due to the fact that the maximum charging voltage of 4.2v Li-ion batteries is 4,2v +- .05v. 4.35v for a 4.2v battery is Extremely Dangerous. Coupled with High Temperatures is a Disaster waiting to happen.

HTC just came out with their 2nd response regarding the Over-charging and Over-heating issues with the Evo 3D. They Now say that the maximum voltage of their 1730mAh batteries is 4.35v.

4.35v Li-ion batteries are not commonly used. When they are used, they are usually cylindrical, and used in Laptops or Flashlights. Why HTC failed to let their customers know about the 4.35v spec in their 1st announcement is curious to say the least. And why different customers having different cut-off voltages? Some are having 4.35v and higher, while others are having 4.2v.

I use Li-ion batteries in my flashlights which have a nominal voltage of 3.7v, and at their maximum, terminate at 4.2v. Usually they terminate prior, between 4.15-4.20v, But NEVER terminate higher than 4.2v.

I don’t have a lot of faith in HTC’s announcement regarding the 4.35v maximum voltage. If anyone has any insight into this issue, it would be much appreciated.


Jose Baez & Casey Anthony May Soon be an Item, If They are Not Already!

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Possible Lovebirds?




casey anthony was released from the County Jail earlier this morning, with her savior/attorney Jose Baez at her side.


If not already, anthony and baez will be an Item shortly. When this relationship hits the Media, Baez will say; “There weren’t any loving feelings before or during the trial, but after spending time with casey regarding her Security the past couple of months, the Love just Blossomed out of no where. It is Truly a Blessing, and I am Grateful to G_d for introducing the two of us.”
They will continue and express their Love for each other, saying that “in 3 years of speaking to each other almost everyday, and going through a life & death situation as we have both have, one cannot help but get close to one another, and in our case, this blossomed into a Loving relationship as a result.”

Baez will cut a Multi-Million Dollar deal with some Media Agency, and will be set for Life (or until casey meets one of Life’s Unfortunate Happenstances.)
Baez was a Loser before this Trial and then became an Attorney. He will Never be able to Duplicate the ‘success’ he had with this trial. The trial was a ‘Circus,’ and everything fell into place for Baez.
Clients will hire him at first, if he chooses to continue being a trial lawyer, but the cases won’t have the outcome he had with anthony.
Baez probably realizes this, and if anthony hasn’t already, is already trying to snare Baez as her paramour, Baez no doubt has been, or has lured anthony. Baez is as shrewd and conniving as anthony.
Baez and Anthony will most likely have a child (G-d Forbid) and that child, unfortunately, will have less of a chance at living a full life as compared to children who don’t have a Monster like anthony as a Mother………………