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Hey Bloomberg……Get Out of My Fucking Computer!!!!!!

October 31, 2009

Bloomberg is a real Fucking Asshole!!!! I just noticed that he is putting Advertisements on most of the Web Pages I am Browsing. They are GoogleAds.

This is Fucking Ridiculous. I hope NYC Voters take Notice And tell Bloomberg to Go Fuck Himself by NOT VOTING for him.

Talking about Subliminal Advertising. This guy is Saturating every Medium available. This is an Invasion of my Privacy if I have ever heard of it. When he saturates the TV with his Dumbass Commercials, I just change the Channel. But when he Saturates the Web with his Ads, it is hard to go to a different site without seeing His Asshole face there also. I end up having to shut my Computer down. Bloomberg, you Fucking Moron, Get Off My Fucking Computer you Asshole!!!! This is Going Toooooo Farrrrrrr!!!

I hope this Bullshit Backfires on Bloomberg, and the Citizens of NYC get Fed up with All of his BULLSHIT!!!!

Next thing I’ll see is Bloomberg’s Mug in my Toilet Bowl water when I lift the Lid!!!!!! Now that is where King Bloomberg belongs….In the Shitter. So let’s show this Idiot the Way to the Sewers, where he belongs!!

We Should All be Proud of President Obama!!!!

October 31, 2009

What was Obama thinking when he bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia?……………….It wasn’t with his brain………..or was it??

Did Obama think he was in Japan, where it is Customary to bow to one another, as a bow in Japan is equivalent to a Western Handshake. It is a sign of respect and a way to Greet each other.

A bow in Saudi Arabia is a sign of SUBMISSIVENESS. It is what subservients do when they are in front of Royalty. This is not because I say so, it’s because that is what the Custom is in Saudi Arabia. Look how Fucking Low Obama bowed down. Are you Fucking Kidding Me? And No, This isn’t Photo Shop. This is the Real Deal as it occurred a few months ago when Obama visited Saudi Arabia.

I post this because People should not forget what Obama is capable of. And this is the guy who is going to Protect The United States of America????

Almost all of the terrorists from 9/11 were from Saudi Arabia. And Osama bin Asshole was from there also, including his Family.

Not only is this embarrassing for the President of the United States, This is Embarrassing for The United States of America!!!!!!!!

The whole Fucking World is Laughing at us.  Especially the Scumbags in Saudi Arabia!! Just look at the Picture.

Gypsy Cabs In Forest Hills Soon to Cause a Catastrophe??

October 31, 2009

There is a Taxi Stand in Forest Hills, N.Y. located on Queens Blvd. at the Corner of  71st. Ave. aka Continental Avenue. The Taxi Stand extends to about 100′  in front of the T-Bone Diner. The Taxi Stand is for Hard working Yellow Metered Cabs Only aka TAXI CABS!!!  Not for the Gypsy Cars, you know, those black 4 door cars (including One White 4 Door Car) that are always waiting at the Taxi Stand.

These Gypsy Cars take up all the available space at the Taxi Stand, and makes it impossible for The Yellow Taxi Cabs to Stand there and pick up Legitimate Fares.  This is an ACCIDENT waiting to happen because Customers that want to get into a TAXI must go out into the middle of the Service Road of Queens Blvd. in order to get to the TAXI. By accessing the TAXI in this way, there is Potential for the Customer and/or TAXI to get into an Accident, causing Possible Injury to the Customer and/or the Driver of the TAXI, including vehicle damage.

I once had to step off of the curb and enter into the street approximately 3 feet to get int a TAXI because there were Gypsy Cars hoarding the TAXI STAND. There was Black Gypsy Car approximately 15′ away from me to my right. As the TAXI stopped, I got hit in my Right Leg by the Gypsy Car that had been 15′ away from me.  This MENTAL MIDGET ASSHOLE FUCKING MORON Gypsy Cab Driver had backed up 15′ and hit me in the leg. It was a slow hit and I had a bag of groceries in my right hand, so I didn’t suffer any injury that I know of at the time. The driver stuck his head out the window after I cursed the crap out of him, and he said “oh, I’m so sorry. I didnt;t know I hit you.” Whether this was purposefully done or not, I am unsure. But the ASSHOLE Backed up 15′ to hit me. So if it was not purposeful, it was Complete Disregard for others around this Asshole!!  If I were a Senior Citizen or an Infirmed person, the injuries sustained may have been Catastrophic. Hell, if I didn’t have that grocery bag as a buffer, I may have sustained a bad injury, as the rear of the Gypsy Car struck me in the side of my right knee.

These Gypsy Cars should not be there. They are at the very least, an Inconvenience to would be Customers of the Taxis,  and at the very worse, a Complete Danger to the Well Being of People that want to hail a TAXI.

It is illegal for these Gypsy Cars to be there. In addition, the Drivers of these Gypsy Cars have a Complete Disregard for the Safety of the people who wait at this Taxi Stand, as you can tell from my experience, as well as how they talk to people waiting at the Taxi Stand, especially if you ask them to make room for the TAXIS. They are Nasty Fucks to  say the least.

The TLC Agents come around usually once a week and ticket them. In addition, the NYPD comes around once in a while, and the Gypsies scatter, only to return a couple of minutes later, after circling the Block. It’s one Big Fucking Joke!!!

More Enforcement is needed to Get rid of these Gypsy Drivers and their Cars. Let them work somewhere else, and Banish them from The TAXI STAND once and for all. This is at an intersection of Queens Blvd. where more that one Pedestrian has already been killed.

To the Lawmakers of NYC and the Politicians of Queens, are you waiting for a Citizen to get Injured or Worse by these Gypsy Car Drivers before you do Something? Or are you going to take Action Before a Catastrophe happens?

Oh, I forget, I’m asking this of the same Politicians that took years to Initiate Changes to Queens Blvd. aka The Boulevard of Death, after almost 100 Hundred Pedestrians were killed Crossing Queens Blvd. These same idiots then Applaud themselves for taking Action. Yeah, Job Well Done…….now go and tell that to the Families of the 100 Victims that were killed Crossing Queens Blvd. before you took your sweet ass time to make those changes. Lets not make the same mistake here, as even 1 Death or Injury is too much. Take PRE-EMPTIVE ACTION NOW……………..NOT LATER!!!!!! Let’s get rid of these Gypsy Drivers and their Cars from the TAXI STAND once and for all..

And to the people who get into these Gypsy Cars, you are part of the Problem. If no one hailed them, they wouldn’t have any business and they would leave. They DON’T HAVE ANY INSURANCE EITHER, so if they have an ACCIDENT, you are screwed. And most of those ASSHOLES don’t know how to drive. Just take a look at the condition of some of their cars. Many of these Gypsy Cars have multiple dents. How do you think those dents got there?

I heard from a Medallion Owner, that these Clowns don’t even go to Court when they receive a Ticket. So they get tickets and just ignore them, as there is No Enforcement by the TLC. So TLC, let’s get on the Ball!!!!!!

King Bloomberg Is Most Likely Using Subliminal Advertising…………

October 31, 2009

………………… win the Votes of NYC Citizens. Resist this Trick, as Resistance is not Futile!!!

This moron is using $$100 Million Dollars to bombard the Airwaves with Commercials, Advertisements, Public service announcements, etc. in order to Brainwash you into voting for him.

It is Highly Likely that Bloomberg is using Subliminal Advertising to Accomplish his Goal. For those of you that don’t know what “Subliminal Advertising” is, see here >

I wish that there can be a study done to detect the Subliminal Advertising that Bloomberg is Most Likely using. But this POS knows that people are not going to spend the money to Investigate this issue. There is not enough time anyway. The election is NOV. 3

With the $$100 Million Dollars that Bloomberg is spending on his bid for Re-election, there is no doubt that he will use every trick in the book. He has already proven that he is Extremely Unethical, by his action of Reversing Term Limits. This Trickster will do anything to ensure that he sits on his Throne for another 4 Years. Don’t fall for his deceptions such as >

1) Crime is Down in NYC, 2) More students are Graduating from High School than ever before, 3) He is for the Middle Class, 4) He is the best man to run NYC in this ‘Perilous Time” etc., etc.

Don’t believe a word from this BULLSHIT ARTIST. Don’t let Bloomberg make FOOLS of US ALL, the Citizens of NYC.

Remember that it is likely that Bloomberg Voters won’t come out to vote, because they think that Bloomberg is a Shoe in. Let the Thompson Voters show up and vote, and maybe WE can beat King Bloomberg and Dethrone this Egotistical Maniac Once and For All.

Hey Bloomberg……………I’ve Got An Award For You………….

October 30, 2009

GOLDEN POOP AWARD PLAQUE - Gift - GOLD FAKE DOG POOP, Poo, Crap, Joke, Professional Prankster, Movie Prop, Brown Fido


Break out the Gold Service for your Golden Poop Award!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He Has Arrived!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

October 30, 2009


It’s true. Obama IS the Chosen One……………………………

Obama Wins The Cy Young Award!!!!

October 30, 2009


When will it end?????? This guy is winning every award out there!!!!!!

Even the Obamabots gotta be  wondering what da fuck is going on??????? Nobody is that good………..or are they??????

Hey Bloomberg, Get a LOAD of This…………Fit For a King!!

October 30, 2009

The only Throne this King  R18722_layout.inddshould be sitting on, is this one.     

That’s about the right proportions!

If he loses the Election, I will personally buy him his very own Monogrammed Throne!

David Letterman is a Giant Turd!!

October 29, 2009

Giant Turd?

I used to watch The Late Show with David Letterman quite often. That is until this Eye Glassed, Buck Toothed Turd decided that he would no longer be a Tonight Show Host, but a Political Editorialist. During the Presidential Campaign, every fucking night, all you heard was this Gigantic Turd talking about how fucked up Bush and Cheney was, and how Great Obama is. All you heard was how fucked up Sara Palin was. It was Joke after Joke after Joke and Commentary after Commentary after Commentary.

You’re a Fucking Talk Show Host you Fucking Dumb Ass!! If I wanted to listen to Political Commentary, I would have listened to one of the many News Programs that had non stop Political news and Editorials. I watch Late Night TV  to fucking laugh at the end of a Hard Day. I don’t watch Late Night to listen to some Fucking Moron who has a Political Agenda to Blab about, and uses his TV time to try to sway his audiences, and that is why I don’t watch this mental moron anymore.

Even after the Election was over, this POS continually blasted the Republican Party. Hey Letterman, take a hint from the other Late Night Show Hosts, who btw cream you in the ratings, and be a Host. Those guys joke about both parties because they may have their own agendas, BUT they don’t attempt to Force Feed them down the Throats of their Audience.

So Letterman, think about shutting your Trap for once, and Continue to Fuck the Shit out of your Interns. I am sure your wife is very enthusiastic about your Fucking these woman behind her back, and probably when she was pregnant. Just proves that you are a Giant Turd Afterall. And hopefully the Tables will be Turned on your Ass. Bush, Cheney, McCain and Palin are laughing their fucking asses off.  And so are a lot of your Former Audiences.

I Got a New Job for Bloomberg……………………

October 28, 2009

…………………when he’s voted out of office. We can all chip in and get him a Train Ticket (since he loves mass transit so much) and send him over to Newark New Jersey, one of the Most Dangerous Cities in the USA. Since Bloomberg says his War on Crime is Working; cough! cough! Newark can use a guy like Bloomberg. Maybe we can chip in and get Police Commissioner Kelly a Train Ticket also, and send both of these Merry Men on their way. Let’s see how the Criminals of Newark treat these Bozos!

They have real Criminals who will give Bloomberg a Run for his Money. Not like NYC, whose crime has been way up, btw, contrary to the BULLSHIT that Bloomberg and Kelly have been telling everyone. 

Don’t forget to Spread the Word, to run Bloomberg the Fuck out of  Town.