NYC, The Police State!! 600,000 Citizens Stopped & Frisked in 2008!!

Under the Guidance of King Bloomberg, the NYPD has Stopped & Frisked over 600,000 New York City Citizens in 2008. Almost 90% of those Citizens that are Stopped & Frisked have done nothing wrong , are not arrested and end up being let go, BUT not until the NYPD has taken down their personal information, such as name, address,etc.

This Personal information is entered into a Secret NYPD Data Base. In the event that a Stop & Frisk ends up in an Arrest, many of those cases are Dismissed and Sealed  by The Court under cpl 160.50, BUT the NYPD still has the arrest and personal information in their Secret Data Base. So even though the Courts found the person arrested Innocent of all charges and have Dismissed and Sealed the case, The NYPD has found a way to Circumvent the NYC Court System and keeps this Information in their Secret Data Base.

See this link here for more info on Stop & Frisk >

With Every Stop & Frisk, the arresting officer fills out a Stop & Frisk Report, whether the Stop results in an Arrest or not.

I would say Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Kelly are trying to Stop & Frisk every Citizen of NYC they can, so they can have a Data Base of All NYC Citizens regarding their Personal Information.

And even when the Courts Dismiss the cases, the NYPD can still look up the Information in their Secret Data Base, even though the Courts have Sealed the records under Cpl 160.50.

Normally the NYPD would not have access to Court Records in these instances BUT they don’t need to because they are keeping their own Records.

Imagine being stopped for a Moving Violation, and all the officer has to do is enter your name in the computer and they will see that you were a “Victim” of a Stop & Frisk even though they should have never known that, because the Case was “Sealed & Dismissed.”

The Courts Dismissed the case so why should the NYPD keep these Secret Files?

Well, that’s what the NYCLU wants to find out and after the NYPD refused to hand over these Secretive Data Bases under the Freedom of Information Act, the NYCLU took their Case to the NYS Supreme Court and The Court ordered the NYPD to give the Data Base to the NYCLU.

The NYCLU is going over the Data Base and will release their findings later this year.

Oh, I forgot to mention that a Majority of those that are stopped under the Stop & Frisk Laws are Minority, which is the Main reason that the NYPD Data Base is being Scrutinized.

So look for the NYPD to start to Stop & Frisk a lot more Whites to “Balance the Statistics.”

So in closing, the NYPD under the Direction of Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Kelly, are on a mission to Stop & Frisk the Citizens of NYC so they can obtain Personal Information to Enter into their Secret Data Bases. At 600,000 Stop & Frisks per year and rising, they will reach their goal in no time at all.

All of this is done under the Guise of 9/11. That terrible Date in History is being used by Bloomberg, Kelly and the NYPD to Infringe upon your Rights as much as they can. But since they are changing the Laws in order to achieve this, these are Rights that you are no longer entitled to anyway. This List just grows and grows.

New York City is slowly but surely becoming a Police State right in front of our eyes! It actually is as close to a Police State as you can get right now.

And most Citizens of NYC are oblivious to how fewer their rights are as time goes by. It happens slowly, but before you know it, The Mantra of  Bloomberg, Kelly and the NYPD will be; “Rights? What Rights? The only Rights you have are the ones we tell you that  you have!”

And we haven’t seen anything yet. Wait a few years to see how even more of our rights will be taken from us.

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2 Comments on “NYC, The Police State!! 600,000 Citizens Stopped & Frisked in 2008!!”

  1. kopinyc Says:

    Police State?….lets tone down the rhetoric juuuust a smidgen, ok?

  2. transparnc Says:

    I believe, as well as many others, that the direction that Law Enforcement is heading towards, is an Eventual Police State, or something very close to it. We are closer towards being a Police State now, than lets say, 30 years ago. It is a sloooooow process that eventually manifests itself.
    It eventually becomes interwoven into the Fabric of Society.
    Under the guise of 9/11, many Protocols have been initiated by The NYPD that has nothing to do with terroism, but everything to do regarding the Infringement upon the Rights of the Citizens of NYC.
    Btw, this is not isolated to the NYPD, but this direction is being taken by many LE Agencies throughout the United States.

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