Serena Williams…………….Naked! What Was SI Thinking?





I just saw this on the news >




Talk about Airbrushing!

Even Serena can’t believe her appearance improvement!
Why don’t you just include Whoopie Goldberg in your Naked Athlete Issue?

I’m running now to put this up in my Bedroom so I can go to town!

I’m about to puke. Serena is one of the most masculine looking Tennis Players on the Circuit. She showed her true masculinity when she threatened that poor Lineswoman.

I think they should test both of the sisters for Steroids. No one can tell me that these 2 people don’t look and act like they may be using Steroids.  Serena Williams Threatening Outburst against that poor Lineswoman was as close to being Roid Rage as you can get! They at least deserve Testing along with some other Female Tennis Players. To be fair, test all the Tennis Players.

Anyway, SI, what were you thinking when you took naked pics of Williams?

Can’t wait to see the Swimsuit Issue…………………..SI, You owe us BIG TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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