Obama gets the Nobel Peace Prize…………..for doing nothing.  The Committee gave him the Prize so he can Save the Future of  Humanity. Gimme a Frigg’n Break!!!!!!!

Looks like the Committee has been drinking the Obama Kool-Aid. Obama was in office ONE MONTH when he got nominated. Are you joking me? Obama doesn’t walk on water, and he has as good a chance of saving Humanity as all the other Presidents did.

Obama Kool-Aid


Most of the World Leaders of the Countries that wish for Our Destruction, have NO RESPECT for Obama, not in the least. Who gives a Shit if France, Spain, and some other Countries like him. Russia probably has a picture of Obama that they throw darts at, in the Kremlin. Saudi Arabia is still laughing at Obama ever since the Submissive One bowed down to the King. One of the Most Disgraceful International Acts ever committed in the presence of a Foreign Leader, in the History of the United States Presidency. And you think that the Leaders of other Countries look at that act and have respect for Obama? If you think they do, I have another Brooklyn Bridge I can sell you.

At least they didn’t give the Nobel Peace Prize to Clinton the Clown.

Well, there you have it. More evidence that there is still more than enough Kool-Aid to go around, although I think the Fountain is starting to find its bottom.

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  1. tommoriarty Says:

    Check this picture of Obama when he got the news that he won the Nobel Peace Prize.

    Best Regards,

  2. transparnc Says:

    The Nobel Peace Prize Committee is becoming a meaningless entity.
    Considering its last few winners like Carter, Gore and Obama, the Commitee is becoming more and more Partisan as time goes on. Even more Partisan than Pelosi and the House of Representatives.
    Getting a Nobel Peace Prize from them lately, is akin to pulling a prize out of a Cracker Jack Box, as you alluded to. The only BIG EXCEPTION would be that the Cracker Jack Prize doesn’t come with a $1.6 Million Dollar AWARD 🙂

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