King, errrrrr, Mayor Michael Bloomberg is brainwashing his NYC Lemmings. This guy is making people believe that the City cannot function without him, and that it would be devastating for the voters not to vote for him. Many people are falling for the old “Sky is Falling” trick. Hey, most of the people who live in NYC are followers not leaders, hence the reference to Lemmings. The Lemmings will follow Bloomberg anywhere, even off a Cliff, no doubt.

People, wake the Fuck up. Bloomberg bullied the City Council to get the Term Limits reversed and Bloomberg is Known for using BULLYING Tactics to get his way. If he doesn’t get his way, he goes Ballistic. Take Quinn, Who is the leader of the City Council. She was being investigated not too long ago. But since leading the Council to vote for NO Term Limits, I have not seen or heard a Peep about her investigation. No doubt that this was the Favor Bloomberg did for her for helping him out. Getting the Investigation delayed or even ended was no doubt orchestrated by Michael Bloomberg.

ATTENTION NYC VOTERS, You have the POWER to NOT VOTE King Bloomberg into Office for a third term. A term for which Michael Bloomberg is not entitled to anyway. Grow a set and let Bloomberg know he’s not wanted to be King of NYC for another 4 years. EIGHT Years is long enough. NYC did fine before it even heard of Michael Bloomberg and it will do fine after King Bloomberg leaves office.

Don’t let this guy Bloomberg Brainwash you into believing that we can’t do without him. Don’t let his BILLIONS OF DOLLARS coerce you into BUYING YOUR VOTE!! We, as Citizens of NYC will not be led by an individual WHO WOULD BE KING!!!! If you don’t like Thompson, then DON’T VOTE FOR ANYONE. Bloomberg should have never been on the ballot anyway. If you like Thompson, then take a chance. BUT under NO Circumstances should you let Bloomberg BULLY YOU, SCARE YOU, COERCE YOU, FALSE PROMISE YOU, LIE TO YOU into voting for him. AND DON”T LET BLOOMBERG BUY YOUR VOTE WITH HIS CONSTANT COMMERCIALS EVERY FEW MINUTES THAT YOU ARE BEING BOMBARDED WITH, which by the way, is a form of BRAINWASHING!!!!

Tell Bloomberg he’s NOT WANTED and DON’T VOTE FOR HIM!!!!!!!! Show him that his Money CANNOT Buy Votes!!!!!!

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