He made yet ANOTHER SPEECH making promises. This time he promised to end the “Don”t Ask, Don’t Tell” Policy in the Military. He didn’t give a date or time frame when this would take effect though.  See Here >

Play Video AP  – Obama says he will end ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’

 The ending of this Policy may sound good on paper, but we’re talking about the Military, where people fight WARS, and Living Day by Day is a Matter of Life and Death. These are Fighting Men and Women. This is not Greenwich Village in New York City. Imagine what would happen if Our Soldiers were to be openly Gay in the Military. More time would be spent dealing with the Gay issues than the Time needed to Fight the Wars.  Just look at what happens in the Civilian World when it comes to the Political Correctness in the Gay Community regarding the Marches, the Protests, the Fighting for Gay Rights, etc., etc. There is nothing wrong with Fighting for the Justices and the Rights of the Gay Community in the “Civilian Population.” The Military does not have the time to spend on such things, for as sure as The Sun Rises in the West and Sets in the East, you will start having Gay Rights Groups pop up in the Military, 100’s of Grievances will be filed, Investigations will ensue, etc. The Military has other things to worry about such as TRYING TO PROTECT THE LIVES OF OUR SOLDIERS IN THE MILITARY, WINNING WARS, GETTING OUR SOLDIERS THE PROPER EQUIPMENT, and Yes, fighting with Congress to try to get ALL OF THIS ACCOMPLISHED, INCLUDING ASKING FOR ADDITIONAL TROOPS TO HELP FIGHT THESE WARS!!!!!!!!

In closing, do we really want to burden the Military with All of the Baggage that would come with eliminating the “Don”t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy? I for one, Say No, Loudly and Clearly!!  What Say You?

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