nancy-pelosirangel_charlieIn NYC, we have a corrupt politician named Charles B. Rangel (D-NY). He is the Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee in The U.S. House of Representatives. He has not paid taxes on Millions of Dollars worth of Assets. This has been going on for many years. But good ole Charlie just started being Investigated a year ago.This guy is the Chairman of the Committee that makes laws about TAXES. And this guy DOESN’T PAY ANY!!!!

Nancy Pelosi is The Speaker of The House of Representatives. She refuses to ask for this guy’s Resignation, even though the EVIDENCE is Right in Front of Her Nose. The reason Nancy Pelosi doesn’t ask for his resignation is because it’s POLITICS AS USUAL. NO MORE, NO LESS. If Rangel was a Republican, Pelosi would be asking for his head on a SILVER PLATTER. Pelosi, you’re The Speaker of The House of Representatives, Wake up out of your Coma, and do your FUCKING JOB, and STOP PLAYING PARTISAN POLITICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ask Charles Rangel, or rather TELL Rangel to step down as Committee Chairman. Maybe Nancy Pelosi doesn’t PAY HER TAXES which is the reason why she is giving Charlie Rangel a Pass or maybe Pelosi just has to grow a set of balls.

Btw, Charles Rangel is following in the steps of New York State Governor Patterson, and has also Pulled the Race Card, as the reason he is being Investigated. NO, you’re being Investigated because you have not PAID YOUR TAXES on MILLIONS of DOLLARS Worth of  Property and Assets you own, for the PAST 20 YEARS, THAT’S WHY!!! I think people are getting really sick of how often the Race Card is being Pulled out, It’s like Automatic whenever a Black guy gets Investigated or Arrested or just Questioned, for that Race Card to Magically Appear. What’s next? How about when this happens to a white guy, can he or she claim Reverse Discrimination or Racism? Why not? What’s good for the Goose is Good for the Gander, isn’t it or is it?

Hey, what about Obama. He likes to bud his nose into issues that don’t really concern him, so why doesn’t he “SUGGEST” to Nancy Pelosi to tell Charlie to Step Down? Interesting question, isn’t it. For the Kool-Aid drinkers that say it is not his Jurisdiction to involve himself in these kinds of Issues, I say the following…… BULLSHIT!!!!! He involved himself in a Local Law Enforcement Issue, he involved himself in trying to get the IOC to Vote for Chicago to be the Host of the Olympics, as well as involving himself in other issues where he really doesn’t belong. So how about he involve himself in one of the most Democratically Ignored Issues on the Table of Lawlessness in the House Of Representatives Today?????

I’ll tell you why not, because it’s Politics as Usual, That’s Why Not.

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