article-1220177-06CE6127000005DC-196_468x459 6 year old suspendedA 6-year-old was suspended from a Delaware School because he was carrying a cub scout tool with a Fork, Spoon and Knife in it. You know, the kind of tool we all had as kids. Because of the School’s Zero Tolerance Policy, they want to Suspend this little 6-year-old from classes for 45 days. The Parents are appealing this.

Let’s get down to Brass tacks. Are You Fucking Shitting Me??????? A 6-year-old?  Hey Delaware, GROW A SET OF FUCKING BALLS AND USE SOME COMMON SENSE!!!!! Are you out of your Fucking Minds? Suspending a 6-year-old from classes for carrying a tool around that all of us had as kids. He’s FUCKING 6 (SIX) YEARS OLD, for Crying Out Loud!!!!!!! You IDIOTS are doing more damage to the kid Emotionally for suspending a 6 Year old for doing nothing wrong. You think this kid understands your Political Correctness BULLSHIT and your Lack Of Common Sense Policy that prompted you to take your SHIT out on a 6-year-old????? Maybe you should have just sent a letter or had a conference with the parents regarding this issue instead of Intentionally Putting Yourselves in the Headlines. The 6-year-old is probably still in Fucking DIAPERS and you want to Suspend him. You probably already screwed him up anyway with this jerk off decision you made. The Fucking Parents should SUE YOUR ASSES and Teach You MORONS a Fucking Lesson!!! I would hate to be a Son or Daughter of any of these MORONS that made  such a MINDLESS DECISION. I would be Fucking Embarrassed to Call these Morons Parents.

To the Parents of this 6 Year Old. Fight the suspension as you are doing and Pin these MORONS to  the Wall with a Lawsuit. Common Sense has all but gone out the Window and the Morons that are running the School that your child is Enrolled in should be SUSPENDED THEMSELVES, at the very least. And maybe even FIRED.

I am sorry that your Son has to go through The Udder Stupidity that these MORONIC School Officials have thrust upon him. I suggest that you make the School Information Public, including the address and phone numbers of the School, including the  Names of the School Officials that are engaging in this Classless, Mindless, Moronic, Non-Common Sensible Act, so that we may call and send letters to these Assholes expressing our Dismay.

I hope that you get thru this Crap Quickly and I suggest that after you explain why carrying the tool to school is creating such an Over reaction, you may want to make this situation FUN for your son, so he does not feel all of the Mental Pressure of the Idiocy of this Situation. You don’t want him to feel as though he did something terribly wrong and that he is “Bad.” You know how kids can take things to Heart. This has to be very traumatic for your son, even though he may be smiling on the outside. I am sure you are making him feel Happy and Relaxed. And maybe explain to him how the punishment does not fit the actions and that the School Officials are the Equivalent of parents that overly punish their children, which is very wrong to do. And that maybe apologize for their actions and sorry he has to go thru this. Then take him to the Circus or something. You know what I mean. All the Best to you and your Family. Your Son looks like he is in Good Hands as he seems to have a really caring Mom from what I can see on the TV Interview. And also a caring Step Dad.

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