73544957AS009_gmhcAppears that Thompson is winning the debate so far. Or at least he has a slight edge. He brought up the Term Limits Topic very nicely. He made some good points about the Topic but it was in the first half of the Debate. But I feel that this is a Topic that has been on Voter’s Minds and will remain at the forefront regarding whether Bloomberg will be re-elected or not.

Stop & Fisk is being Brought up. 600,000 NYC Citizens have been Victims of Stop & Frisk. It is a Bias and Racist Tool of Law Enforcement.

Stay tuned.

Debate is almost over. Slight edge to Thompson in my opinion. Bloomberg has had 8 years, and as Thompson has said, “Eight is Enough.” Amen to that.

We shall soon see the fruits of these 2 Candidates Labor. HOPEFULLY, The Voters will Speak Loudly & Clearly, when they Cast their Votes on November 3, 2009. Bloomberg’s answer to the question of Betraying the Citizen’s Trust when Bloomberg ignored the People’s Wishes about Term Limits, is that People will vote on Nov. 13 and we will see if term Limits was that important to them. Bloomberg is a POMPOUS ASS!!!!! The People voted already for Term Limits and Bloomberg did all he could to reverse term limits. It does not matter if Bloomberg  has done a good job or not. He should have never been on the Ballot and therefore no one should vote for Bloomberg.

Btw, if  Bloomberg does get in, we will be more of a Police State than we are now. 600,000 Citizens Stopped & Frisked will be a Drop in the Bucket. I always think of this QUOTE that puts everything into perspective, when people like Bloomberg have the attitude of “whatever it takes to lessen crime, we will do”  >

“They who would give up an essential liberty for temporary security, deserve neither liberty or security”


-Ben Franklin 

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