Hiram Monserrate verdict in NYC………..The Legal System Works For The Rich, But Not The Poor

amd_hiram_monserrateSee here for the original story regarding his arrest >


This guy was found innocent of the 2 Felony Charges. But Found guilty on only One of 3 Misdemeanor  Charges.

Goes to show you that the Law is not equal. If it was you or me, and we didn’t have the money for an Attorney who is as good as Monserrate’s Attorney, we would have been fried. This means that this Girlfriend Beater will get to keep his position as NYS Senator.

Imagine the Judge believing the Bullshit about the Girlfriend Beater walking to give his girlfriend a glass of water and he tripped, (because his apartment was dark), which enabled the glass to make contact with her face and cutting it. ARE YOU SHITTING ME???????     YOU CAN”T MAKE THIS SHIT UP!!!!!!!!! UNBELIEVABLE, OR I SHOULD SAY BELIEVABLE!!!!

The District Attorney’s Office says that today is a Victory for all battered women because today shows that you will be prosecuted and held responsible for your actions if you batter your partner, and this case may stop those from battering their partner because their actions will have consequences. EXCUSE ME, what Case was the DA’s Office speaking about. This guy got away with the most critical of charges which were the 2 Felonies he was charged with. He was only found guilty of pulling his girlfriend by the arm and bruising it. And the ONLY reason he was found guilty of that charge, was because it was in video tape. Otherwise he would have been found innocent of that also. Today’s verdicts only show Batterers that if you have money for a Good Attorney, go ahead and batter your partner because you will get away with it. If you don’t have enough money for an attorney, don’t Batter your partner. I think the DA’s Office is smoking Mushrooms because they came out with one of the DUMBEST STATEMENTS I have heard in a Long Time. 

 The Victim received 35-40 Stitches in her face. Todays verdict was a Travesty of Justice, and the DA’s Office has shown that it is OPEN SEASON for People That Want to Abuse Their Partners. A REAL SHAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I would like to know who this Judge is. He sounds like he may be RELATED to Monserrate, from his Verdict. Granted the Victim refused to press charges, But the District Attorney’s Office did not have to put such a BULLSHIT SPIN on this Verdict. Just more Evidence that the NYC Government thinks that it’s Citizens are the Dumbest People on the Face of the Planet, thinking that the Lemmings will believe anything they’re told. Hopefully the Voters will show how smart they are, by Voting these ASSHOLES out of Office.

It’s a Good Thing for this guy that the case didn’t go to a Jury. His Lawyer is as smart as a whip. We’ll probably be hearing about another incident where a glass or a knife or a gun or a bat accidentally makes contact with his Girlfriend’s face again.

 A real blow to all of the women that are victims of Domestic Abuse. And where are the Victim’s Rights Organizations? Why are they not Speaking Out about this Miscarriage of Justice? I guess they are afraid they will get SUED by Monserrate”s Attorney. Too Bad these Organizations are not speaking out on Behalf of Victims across NYC and across the Country.

He owes his Girlfriend BIGTIME for changing her story.

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