The NYPD Gets The RUMBLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1984-movie-bb George OrwellThe NYPD is getting the RUMBLER!!

See here for a video >

see here for the Tech Specs, as well as the possibility of the consequences of being exposed to this type of device >

I can see the Law Suits now!!

Holy Cow Batman!!!!!!!! This thing works on an Ultrasonic Frequency . The Rumbler is strong enough to Vibrate the Shit out of your car and home windows as the car passes. The NYPD Cars will be fitted with this thing, in addition to Louder Sirens. This is to make sure that other cars and people hear the Cop Cars as they are approaching, so they can pull over to the side to let the NYPD Vehicles thru, or if you are unlucky, so you can be pulled over yourself.

While this seems to be a good idea, There is no doubt that Big Brother is getting outfitted with the Biggest and Newest Law Enforcement Devices that are now available. The Citizens of New York City will surely know that Big Brother is Alive and Well, and getting BIGGER with each passing moment,  and out there To Protect and Serve, if they didn’t know they were there already.

George Orwell should only be alive to see the Fruits of his Labor 😦

So next time you hear your windows rattling, or that glass on the edge of your table falls off, don’t worry. It’s not an Earthquake or a Bomb or your buildings Boiler blowing up, it’s just your good ole Friendly NYPD out there Catching the Bad Guys!

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