Hiram Monserrate Spent Over ONE MILLION DOLLARS For His Defense!!!

State Sen. Hiram Monserrate

I just received this link from a buddy >


This piece of shit spent over $1,000,000.00 on his Defense Team, who got this POS off on the 2 Felony Charges regarding the Accidental Cutting of his Girlfriend’s Face, that needed 40 Stitches to close up. He was found Guilty on the lesser Misdemeanor Charge regarding Grabbing, Twisting and Pulling his girlfriend through his lobby.

Monserrate is looking to steal money any which way he can so he could pay his Attorney the Fees that he is owed. Take a look at the link above regarding Monserrate’s Unethical Ways.

It is only a matter of time until Monserrate, the POS, is finally kicked out of the Senate.. I am sad to say that once he is kicked out of the Senate, he will have more time to Beat on his Girlfriend.

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3 Comments on “Hiram Monserrate Spent Over ONE MILLION DOLLARS For His Defense!!!”

  1. kopinyc Says:

    Here’s a little known tidbit…Hiram was given a disability pension from the NYPD. He was found to be psychologically unfit after approximately 10 years of service. This is a matter of public record. What were the people in his district thinking when they put this boob in office?

  2. transparnc Says:

    Hopefully many others will learn about this Jerkoff named Hiram Monserrate, from the informative post you are sharing with all of us.
    It would appear that many people don’t know about the Fact you stated regarding Monserrate’s Psychological Instability.
    Interesting how not a word of this was mentioned during his Domestic Violence Case. Not a word of this Fact was in the Daily News, The Post, The New York Times, etc., unless I missed something.
    Makes you wonder about the bias in the Media.
    Monserrate is a FUCKING BUM. And a Mentally Unstable Bum at that.
    Hiram Monserrate gives the truly mentally unstable people in our society a Bad Name.
    They should get rid of this Bum and he should be Admitted to an Insane Asylum, to get the much need help that he is in desperate need for.
    His Girlfriend better get the Fuck out of her relationship with this Nut before it’s too late.
    It is Obvious that whatever Mental Illness that Hiram was suffering from, that got him Thrown Out of THE NYPD, is still manifesting itself, as is obvious from his recent actions.
    He is Definitely a Loose Cannon, and all of the recent Pressure that he has thrust upon himself, will only make this Mentally Unstable, Unfit person an Accident Waiting To Happen….AGAIN!!

  3. transparnc Says:

    I found thi on the Web >

    Monserrate’s History of Mental Health Problems

    ■A former marine and NYC police officer, in 1999, Monserrate filed for a disability pension from the NYPD, “citing mental problems, including post-traumatic stress syndrome”, as well as depression and anxiety;
    ■Police seized Monserrate’s guns after a psychological assessment, ordered as a result of the claim, was completed;
    ■On Sept. 10, 2001, Monserrate was reportedly arrested for running over the leg of a tow-truck driver who was attempting to tow his vehicle;
    ■Perhaps owing to the date of the incident, the case was never processed.

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