Let’s Get Rid Of King Bloomberg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Take a look at this video >



And see what our friends have to say over here, along with another video >


We all have to stick together and get the word out, so WE can VOTE KING BLOOMBERG Out of Office.

I am linking to other threads and videos of those who have the same ideas. We gotta vote the King outta of the Mayors Office.

It is after all, City Hall, NOT a KINGDOM where the King sits on his Throne, and tries to push the Middle Class out of New York City.

Bill Thompson appears to be a Mayor For the People, unlike Bloomberg, who is a Mayor for his Chronies.

Since 2000, 1 1/2 Million New Yorkers have moved out of the State. Most of those New Yorkers that have moved were from New York City. Bloomberg doesn”t give a Rats Ass because he would like NYC to be the land of the Affluent. He has had 8 Years to accomplish his goal, and he has been successful. If  Bloomberg is given another 4 Years, he will be very close to accomplishing his Goal.  

The citizens of New York City can accomplish the Task of getting Rid of the King. Just Vote him out, and show him the Fucking Door.

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