David Letterman is a Giant Turd!!

Giant Turd?

I used to watch The Late Show with David Letterman quite often. That is until this Eye Glassed, Buck Toothed Turd decided that he would no longer be a Tonight Show Host, but a Political Editorialist. During the Presidential Campaign, every fucking night, all you heard was this Gigantic Turd talking about how fucked up Bush and Cheney was, and how Great Obama is. All you heard was how fucked up Sara Palin was. It was Joke after Joke after Joke and Commentary after Commentary after Commentary.

You’re a Fucking Talk Show Host you Fucking Dumb Ass!! If I wanted to listen to Political Commentary, I would have listened to one of the many News Programs that had non stop Political news and Editorials. I watch Late Night TV  to fucking laugh at the end of a Hard Day. I don’t watch Late Night to listen to some Fucking Moron who has a Political Agenda to Blab about, and uses his TV time to try to sway his audiences, and that is why I don’t watch this mental moron anymore.

Even after the Election was over, this POS continually blasted the Republican Party. Hey Letterman, take a hint from the other Late Night Show Hosts, who btw cream you in the ratings, and be a Host. Those guys joke about both parties because they may have their own agendas, BUT they don’t attempt to Force Feed them down the Throats of their Audience.

So Letterman, think about shutting your Trap for once, and Continue to Fuck the Shit out of your Interns. I am sure your wife is very enthusiastic about your Fucking these woman behind her back, and probably when she was pregnant. Just proves that you are a Giant Turd Afterall. And hopefully the Tables will be Turned on your Ass. Bush, Cheney, McCain and Palin are laughing their fucking asses off.  And so are a lot of your Former Audiences.

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