King Bloomberg Is Most Likely Using Subliminal Advertising…………

………………… win the Votes of NYC Citizens. Resist this Trick, as Resistance is not Futile!!!

This moron is using $$100 Million Dollars to bombard the Airwaves with Commercials, Advertisements, Public service announcements, etc. in order to Brainwash you into voting for him.

It is Highly Likely that Bloomberg is using Subliminal Advertising to Accomplish his Goal. For those of you that don’t know what “Subliminal Advertising” is, see here >

I wish that there can be a study done to detect the Subliminal Advertising that Bloomberg is Most Likely using. But this POS knows that people are not going to spend the money to Investigate this issue. There is not enough time anyway. The election is NOV. 3

With the $$100 Million Dollars that Bloomberg is spending on his bid for Re-election, there is no doubt that he will use every trick in the book. He has already proven that he is Extremely Unethical, by his action of Reversing Term Limits. This Trickster will do anything to ensure that he sits on his Throne for another 4 Years. Don’t fall for his deceptions such as >

1) Crime is Down in NYC, 2) More students are Graduating from High School than ever before, 3) He is for the Middle Class, 4) He is the best man to run NYC in this ‘Perilous Time” etc., etc.

Don’t believe a word from this BULLSHIT ARTIST. Don’t let Bloomberg make FOOLS of US ALL, the Citizens of NYC.

Remember that it is likely that Bloomberg Voters won’t come out to vote, because they think that Bloomberg is a Shoe in. Let the Thompson Voters show up and vote, and maybe WE can beat King Bloomberg and Dethrone this Egotistical Maniac Once and For All.

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