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Bloomberg is Already Thinking of Running for a 4th Term!!!!!

November 29, 2009

Just Kidding…………But I am sure it has crossed his Mind…………..

I can’t believe we are going to have 4 more years of this Asshole.

This guy’s going to be King for 12 Fucking Years. That is Preposterous. But hey, that’s what $$100 Million Dollars can Buy you in The Big Apple!!!!  His Bloomberg Businesses will increase in Value just by the virtue of  bloomberg being King for another 4 Years. His Businesses increased in value from 6 or so Billion Dollars 8 years ago, to $16 Billion Dollars recently. That fact is directly Correlated to  being the King of NYC. That is the foremost reason he spent $$100 Million Dollars on the Campaign.  That was just an Investment, as he will gain it back 100’s of times over.

Think about it. During the previous campaign, the Schmuck spent $$85 million Dollars and $$74 Million Dollars on the campaign  before that one. That is a total of $$159 Million Dollars. His businesses increased in Value from $$6 Billion Dollars to $$16 Billion Dollars. For an Investment of $$160 Million Dollars, the Schmuck gained $$10 Billion Dollars. Do the Math. Bloomberg may be a SCHMUCK, BUT he’s NOT a Stupid Schmuck!!

His latest Investment of over $$100 Million Dollars will no doubt Yield him a Return of BILLIONS OF DOLLARS over the Course of the Next 4 Years. 


Tiger Woods Involved In A Domestic Abuse Episode??

November 28, 2009

Well, it looks like Tiger Woods may have been on the receiving end of a Domestic Abuse Episode. The story of his wife smashing the rear window to get Tiger out of his SUV reminds me of the Asshole Senator Monserratte of NYS saying that while he was bringing a glass of water to his wife, he accidentally tripped and the glass accidentally cut his girlfriend’s face, which needed 50 stitches!!

Florida doesn’t fuck around when it comes to domestic violence. Both participants would get arrested if the cops see that a domestic issue occurred, although in this case, Tiger is the only one with Wounds. Even if Tiger said he didn’t want to press charges, the Law states that the Cops have to arrest the Aggressor anyway. If it is true that a Domestic Violence Issue occurred, Tiger better tread lightly, as it is bound to happen again, and his wife has shown that she is prone to violence. Next time, Tiger may have to defend himself, and his wife may incur the bruising, in which case, everyone will get arrested. That’s all Tiger needs is to have a Domestic Violence record. I think he better start looking to distance himself from his wife, although he brought it upon himself if it is found to be true that he cheated on his wife. But that still doesn’t warrant a Spouse to attack another. If the Wife attacks the Husband, it appears that the Public is more acceptable of that compared to if the Husband attacked the wife. The Old Double Standard.

The woods have already contacted their Attorneys multiple times I am sure, and he is advising them on how to Handle this situation with the Police Department. Once the Cops start questioning, they better have their stories straight. I am sure that the Attorneys will be doing the Representing from here on out, although that will look suspicious. But hey, it’s better than the both of them or one of them going to jail.

Good Luck Tiger Woods. You can’t keep your Prick in your Pants, and you got a Wife that ain’t going to take any Crap. Don’t be surprised if this Saga turns out to be an OJ Simpson opposite, where maybe the Wife does in the Husband!!!!!! If I was Tiger, I would sleep with BOTH EYES OPEN!!!!!

And if there are any, I would get all of the Guns out of the House……….But there are always the Steak Knives and ScrewDrivers and such!!!

It’s Official……Bloomberg buys the Mayor’s Office!!!!!!

November 28, 2009

King Bloomberg spent over 102 Million Dollars out of his own pocket and BUYS the Mayor’s Office.

Democracy is DEAD in NYC. We are OFFICIALLY a  DICTATORSHIP!!! or a MONARCHY. I guess they’re one in the same.

Along with Bloomberg, we also are lucky enough to get about 2000 of his henchman which include Police Commisioner Kelly and his Henchman. 12 years under the Bloomberg Dictatorship…..Boy, aren’t the Citizens of NYC Lucky.

To all the other big Cities………Take Heed, what is happening in NYC can happen to you!!!!!!

The Secret Service Fucks Up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

November 26, 2009

A couple made it past The Secret Service, without an Invitation, to a Party at the White House. Imagine if the couple happened to be some Terrorists??? The Secret Service says that the President was never in any Danger because the Couple without an invitation had to go thru the same Security Checks as the Guests with Invitations. Oh, O.K., Everything is alright now??????????????? Are you Fucking Joking me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This was the first time this has ever happened and it was a HUGE BREACH OF SECURITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!What would have happened if this couple were Terrorists instead of who they were? And what would have happened if the Terrorists had BUTT BOMBS in them????? Security would have never caught that in their screening, unless they’re Probing Everyone’s Anuses!!!!

This was a HUGE BREACH, and The Secret Service FUCKED UP BIG TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michelle Obama Has Children In India Attach the Sequins for Her Special Dress??

November 26, 2009

The Obamas hosted the Indian Prime Minister and his wife or whatever their titles are. A Big Deal was made of Michelle Obama’s dress. It was made by a great Indian Designer. It had 1000’s of Silver Sequins that were each attached by hand with individual threads in India. Were these little Children that were working on this Special dress? We all know that there is Child Slave Labor that is Rampant in India. Children as young as 8 years old are made to work 18 Hours per day. Is there any investigation going on to see who actually worked on Michelle’s Dress back in India. We all know that if the dress was made in the USA, 100’s or so hours worth of Hand Labor would have cost at least $100,000.00 plus the cost of making the Entire dress.

Hopefully someone inquires about how this dress was made. I have a Strong Suspicion that little children most likely worked on The First Lady, Michelle Obama’s Dress. It should at least be investigated, and if not true, fine. If true, then let the cards fall where they may. If it is found true that her dress was made by Children, the Obamas would just say, “We had no idea, and we are appalled.” Blah, Blah, Blah……………………………….

Btw, people are comparing Obama to Jackie O.   Let’s get real. There will never be another Jackie O. and I think those who are making the comparison should stop taking that LSD or Peyote, or whatever they’re smoking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did David Letterman Get Turned Down By Sara Palin????

November 26, 2009

I don’t watch David “Scumbag” Letterman anymore, since he started to do  Political Commentaries.. But I was switching channels and stopped on Letterman, and he was doing another Fucking Sara Palin Joke. I changed the channel so as not to listen to this Jerkoff. My question is, Did David Letterman try to get into Sara Palin’s panties and get turned down???

Letterman is obsessed with Sara Palin. There must have been something that happened between the two of them. Since Letterman is an Egotistical Asshole, it sounds as if  his Ego was bruised. He probably made a pass at Palin, and Palin told him to Go Fuck Himself!!!

Bloomberg is a Shmuck!! Arm the Citizens Asshole!!!!

November 14, 2009

While Bloomberg is on his Anti Gun Crusade, many New Yorkers are DYING in the Process!! Bloomberg makes it impossible for LAW ABIDING Citizens to get a Concealed Carry Permit while the Bad Guys and Girls just go get their Weapons whenever they feel like it because They DON’T follow the Laws!!!!

It will take Decades for the Effects of Bloomberg’s Anti Gun Crusade to have any Effect, if they ever do. So why make it impossible for Law Abiding Citizens to Apply for a Permit?? Oh, I forget, you can Apply for a Concealed Carry Permit and Pay close to $500.00 which is Non Refundable. You just won’t ever be issued the Permit unless you Know Someone in The Licensing Bureau or you are a Friend or Family member of someone Higher Up the Chain of Command……… Bloomberg, Kelly, etc., etc.

Why make the Citizens suffer the Consequences of your Anti Gun Crusades Bloomberg. The Consequences being Violent Crimes including Rapes, Armed Robberies, DEATH, etc. I will tell you why……it’s because you walk around with an Armed Details wherever you go. Your details carry Automatic Weapons in addition to other Weapons. This Protection extends to your Family and Girlfriend also. Who gives a Shit about us? NOT YOU. We are just Statistics due to the Prevalence of Guns in our Society, that you are trying to eliminate. Hey Bloomberg, You’re just like Obama. He waits to send troops into Afghanistan and Troops Die, and you don’t let NYC Citizens Arm themselves, and they Die.

You’re just another Putz with an Agenda. And making it impossible for NYC Citizens would not have any detrimental Effect on your Anti Gun Crusade. Continue the Crusade, But don’t deny NYC Citizens their right to Defend Themselves, Their Families and Loved Ones. You do with your Armed Details!!!

No Rush Obama……..Our Soldiers Can Wait………..You PUTZ!!!!!

November 14, 2009

Hey Obama, there’s no rush to give our Soldiers the extra Manpower they desperately need in Afghanistan!

Obama, you’re a Fucking Idiot. The longer you wait to figure out what your Politically Correct Decision will be, the more Soldiers will die. You said you need a few more weeks to decide what you will do. I say We don’t need a few more weeks to Figure out that you a FUCKING PUTZ!!!!!!!! Our Soldiers need more Boots on the Ground and you’re Fucking around with making a Decision. Send in more troops you Idiot. It’s not a hard decision to make. You don’t want to send in more Troops, then pull our Troops out of Afghanistan. Don’t sit on the fence you Moron. Make a Fucking Decision. Oh lest I forget, you are the Chosen One, so you shouldn’t be questioned by us Mere Mortals. I got a NEWS FLASH for ya, YOU’RE NOT THE CHOSEN ONE, and you are a Non Decisive President. One who bows down to leaders of other Countries. Do we the Citizens of The United States expect anything more out of you………….of course not.

So you keep delaying you’re decision, and keep having your Speechwriters write those speeches you are going to be giving about our Soldiers who will surely end up DYING because of your Indecisions…………You are The Chosen One…………The Chosen Buffon!!!

Hey Bloomberg, Crime is down in NYC…………………..

November 10, 2009

………………… long as you don’t go to Central Park.            

86th street and above, a rash of stick ups have occurred. As many as 5 suspects may be responsible.

If You go into Central Park at Night, you are a Fucking Moron. The Bad Guys know the Citizens are EASY PICK’INS to make them a Victim. Like Ducks in a Barrel.

That’s because the Odds are Great that the Victim won’t be Armed due to NYC’s Strict Gun Laws aka You Can’t have One! So the Criminal Assholes have nothing to fear, unless they stick up an Undercover or Off Duty Cop. But I think the odds are pretty good that their Victim will most likely be some poor defenseless NYC Resident or Visitor.

Of course, in the infinite wisdom of the NYC Officials, they say, and I quote, “Overall, Crime is down in Central Park……

You here that DUMBASS Statement eveyrtime there is a Crime in NYC.

Shut the Fuck up already, as people who have half a brain don’t believe one word you say.

I never heard NYC Officials say Crime is on the Rise, and it is getting worse. NYC Officials including Bloomberg and his Officials are Full of Shit.

Crime is Alive & Well All Over NYC and it is not as low as NYC Officials would have you believe. Imagine if they said Crime is on the Rise, Millions of Dollars from out-of-state visitors would be lost due to a reduction of Visitors to NYC.

Whenever I speak to Out of Staters over the phone or in any type of correspondence, I always inform them of how crime in NYC is Alive and Well, and not to believe a lot of what you hear and see in the media regarding Crime in NYC being Very Low, and NYC is the Safest Big City. Most say they don’t believe the BS they hear and see in the Media. I assure them that most of it is just Propaganda.

Stay Safe Out There………………..and don’t believe the BullShit you here about How Safe NYC is. Your Life May Depend On It!!!!111

Where Has Al Sharpton Been During The NYC Mayoral Campaign????

November 5, 2009

I just heard Curtis Sliwa bring this interesting fact up. Did Bloomberg Buy Sharptons Silence with a Contribution or a Promise or a Threat  of something??? Sharpton has been interestingly SILENT, and that is a very rare occasion when Sharpton is silenced. Maybe Bloomberg or his representatives brought up some issues that if pursued, would be detrimental to Sharpton. Not like Sharpton has anything to Hide (says sarcastically) I would like to know how King Bloomberg bought Sharptons Silence.

The Board of Education is Lucky they didn’t endorse anyone during the Campaign. But Bloomberg will still shaft them regarding Pay Raises. Bloomberg says the Race wasn’t close………………I think bloomberg is on drugs and should be sent to Rehab as he is in Complete Denial……………….The guys a Shmuck and will always be a Shmuck.