Mayor Bloomberg…………This is Why Term Limits Are Important………

………………..And why the Subject of  Term Limits is more that just a Sound Bite.

But I have no doubt that you  know this already………………….

On one hand, Mayor Bloomberg of NYC says that the Citizens of NYC aren’t responsible enough to make their own decisions.

And on the other hand, he says they are responsible enough to make a decision, when it Benefits The King of New York…..

I will explain:

Bloomberg Outlawed Transfats because he said they were detrimental to The citizens of NYC’s Health. He said when asked, that many people don’t have the willpower, the knowledge or the self-control to not eat things that are bad for them. By making Transfats illegal, Bloomberg said that the Citizens no longer have to make that choice because the choice has been made for them.

Bloomberg has Almost Outlawed Cigarettes in NYC. He has placed so many restrictions on Smokers, that A Ban is sure to come. He said that the People needed some help in order for them to make a decision not to smoke, and that he will make it as hard for them to smoke so maybe they will give smoking up. He feels that once again, the People of NYC don’t have enough self-will to make the proper decisions, at least the way The King sees it.

The above are 2 examples of why Bloomberg doesn’t trust the People of NYC to make the Right Choices, and feels that he has to install certain laws to force the People to make the Right Choices.

Now here’s the Catch…………Bloomberg Extended Term Limits. He made Deals with the Members of the City Council, he made deals with Ronald Lauder, He made deals all over the place to get Term Limits Extended so this Pompous Ass can run for a Third Term. When he was Questioned Constantly about this issue, he said “If the Voters feel that strongly about Term Limits, they don’t have to Vote for me on Nov. 3rd.  Well now, Bloomberg Finally feels that The Citizens of NYC can make the Right Decision………………..

Voters can get Complacent if they feel an incumbent is doing a better job than the Candidate that is running against him/her. Human nature is to choose the Person you are most comfortable with, especially if you feel that the opponent cannot do a better job. In addition, even if there is a slight doubt about the Opponent to the Incumbent doing a better job, Voters will most likely vote for the Incumbent.  Also, when the Public is Saturated with Advertisements that are Funded with $$$100 Million Dollars, in effect, an endless amount of Money, It is that much easier to Sway the Public to vote for that Person. Whether the individual Consciencely perceives that or not. Subconsciencely, the Voter may vote for the Person that is spending $$100 Million Dollars compared to the Opponent who may only have a Few Million Dollars to Spend. This Concept is well documented and proven to Work.

With the above being said, you can see where this can lead. Now bring in what is called TERM LIMITS. It is there to prevent dynasty’s, Impropriorties, Corruption, and One Individual (and their Political Circle which can number in the Thousands) from ruling for what can be Until the Person Dies. Can Anyone Say MONARCHY? Without Term Limits, we may have Presidents that can have 3,4,5,6,7 or more Terms in Office. Without Term Limits, it would be possible to have Mayors in office for many Terms.

Without Term Limits, Every Election would only have one new Candidate Running Against the Incumbent, which restricts Our Democracy from Truly working the way it was Intended to work.

Term Limits is a very Important Mechanism which makes a Democracy different from a Monarchy, and Prevents The People from Voting Time and Time again for the Same Person to Lead them. Democracy is based on Change and taking Chances. This is what separates us from all of the monarchy’s of the World. Because without Term Limits, we would be closer to being a Monarchy, then we would With Term Limits.

So for once, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, I agree with you regarding the People maybe  not being able to make the Right Choices, and that is one of the reasons that  Term Limits are necessary for the Proper Functioning of a Democracy.

But then again, you know this Mayor Bloomberg, and that is why you are leaving the Choice up to The People this time. Because you know that with your Saturation of the Airwaves, with your $$100 Million Dollars, with your Possible Subliminal Advertising, with your Saturation of Many Websites with your GoogleAds, etc., that it will be able to Manipulate The People to Vote for you and give you much better odds of winning Your Third Term………………..And that is PRECISELY the Reason that we Have TERM LIMITS………….to prevent this from happening………..


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One Comment on “Mayor Bloomberg…………This is Why Term Limits Are Important………”

  1. transparnc Says:

    Well, The King got his Wish. The People decided.
    But Bloomberg is still a Loser in Most People’s Minds. This Guy Spent over $$$100 Million Dollars and His Opponent, Bill Thompson, only Spent $6 Million Dollars. Bloombery ONLY won by 5 Percentage Points. Now, That’s A LOSER in Anyone’s Book!!!

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