Hey Bloomberg, Crime is down in NYC…………………..

…………………..as long as you don’t go to Central Park.            

86th street and above, a rash of stick ups have occurred. As many as 5 suspects may be responsible.

If You go into Central Park at Night, you are a Fucking Moron. The Bad Guys know the Citizens are EASY PICK’INS to make them a Victim. Like Ducks in a Barrel.

That’s because the Odds are Great that the Victim won’t be Armed due to NYC’s Strict Gun Laws aka You Can’t have One! So the Criminal Assholes have nothing to fear, unless they stick up an Undercover or Off Duty Cop. But I think the odds are pretty good that their Victim will most likely be some poor defenseless NYC Resident or Visitor.

Of course, in the infinite wisdom of the NYC Officials, they say, and I quote, “Overall, Crime is down in Central Park……

You here that DUMBASS Statement eveyrtime there is a Crime in NYC.

Shut the Fuck up already, as people who have half a brain don’t believe one word you say.

I never heard NYC Officials say Crime is on the Rise, and it is getting worse. NYC Officials including Bloomberg and his Officials are Full of Shit.

Crime is Alive & Well All Over NYC and it is not as low as NYC Officials would have you believe. Imagine if they said Crime is on the Rise, Millions of Dollars from out-of-state visitors would be lost due to a reduction of Visitors to NYC.

Whenever I speak to Out of Staters over the phone or in any type of correspondence, I always inform them of how crime in NYC is Alive and Well, and not to believe a lot of what you hear and see in the media regarding Crime in NYC being Very Low, and NYC is the Safest Big City. Most say they don’t believe the BS they hear and see in the Media. I assure them that most of it is just Propaganda.

Stay Safe Out There………………..and don’t believe the BullShit you here about How Safe NYC is. Your Life May Depend On It!!!!111

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