Bloomberg is a Shmuck!! Arm the Citizens Asshole!!!!

While Bloomberg is on his Anti Gun Crusade, many New Yorkers are DYING in the Process!! Bloomberg makes it impossible for LAW ABIDING Citizens to get a Concealed Carry Permit while the Bad Guys and Girls just go get their Weapons whenever they feel like it because They DON’T follow the Laws!!!!

It will take Decades for the Effects of Bloomberg’s Anti Gun Crusade to have any Effect, if they ever do. So why make it impossible for Law Abiding Citizens to Apply for a Permit?? Oh, I forget, you can Apply for a Concealed Carry Permit and Pay close to $500.00 which is Non Refundable. You just won’t ever be issued the Permit unless you Know Someone in The Licensing Bureau or you are a Friend or Family member of someone Higher Up the Chain of Command……… Bloomberg, Kelly, etc., etc.

Why make the Citizens suffer the Consequences of your Anti Gun Crusades Bloomberg. The Consequences being Violent Crimes including Rapes, Armed Robberies, DEATH, etc. I will tell you why……it’s because you walk around with an Armed Details wherever you go. Your details carry Automatic Weapons in addition to other Weapons. This Protection extends to your Family and Girlfriend also. Who gives a Shit about us? NOT YOU. We are just Statistics due to the Prevalence of Guns in our Society, that you are trying to eliminate. Hey Bloomberg, You’re just like Obama. He waits to send troops into Afghanistan and Troops Die, and you don’t let NYC Citizens Arm themselves, and they Die.

You’re just another Putz with an Agenda. And making it impossible for NYC Citizens would not have any detrimental Effect on your Anti Gun Crusade. Continue the Crusade, But don’t deny NYC Citizens their right to Defend Themselves, Their Families and Loved Ones. You do with your Armed Details!!!

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