No Rush Obama……..Our Soldiers Can Wait………..You PUTZ!!!!!

Hey Obama, there’s no rush to give our Soldiers the extra Manpower they desperately need in Afghanistan!

Obama, you’re a Fucking Idiot. The longer you wait to figure out what your Politically Correct Decision will be, the more Soldiers will die. You said you need a few more weeks to decide what you will do. I say We don’t need a few more weeks to Figure out that you a FUCKING PUTZ!!!!!!!! Our Soldiers need more Boots on the Ground and you’re Fucking around with making a Decision. Send in more troops you Idiot. It’s not a hard decision to make. You don’t want to send in more Troops, then pull our Troops out of Afghanistan. Don’t sit on the fence you Moron. Make a Fucking Decision. Oh lest I forget, you are the Chosen One, so you shouldn’t be questioned by us Mere Mortals. I got a NEWS FLASH for ya, YOU’RE NOT THE CHOSEN ONE, and you are a Non Decisive President. One who bows down to leaders of other Countries. Do we the Citizens of The United States expect anything more out of you………….of course not.

So you keep delaying you’re decision, and keep having your Speechwriters write those speeches you are going to be giving about our Soldiers who will surely end up DYING because of your Indecisions…………You are The Chosen One…………The Chosen Buffon!!!

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