Michelle Obama Has Children In India Attach the Sequins for Her Special Dress??

The Obamas hosted the Indian Prime Minister and his wife or whatever their titles are. A Big Deal was made of Michelle Obama’s dress. It was made by a great Indian Designer. It had 1000’s of Silver Sequins that were each attached by hand with individual threads in India. Were these little Children that were working on this Special dress? We all know that there is Child Slave Labor that is Rampant in India. Children as young as 8 years old are made to work 18 Hours per day. Is there any investigation going on to see who actually worked on Michelle’s Dress back in India. We all know that if the dress was made in the USA, 100’s or so hours worth of Hand Labor would have cost at least $100,000.00 plus the cost of making the Entire dress.

Hopefully someone inquires about how this dress was made. I have a Strong Suspicion that little children most likely worked on The First Lady, Michelle Obama’s Dress. It should at least be investigated, and if not true, fine. If true, then let the cards fall where they may. If it is found true that her dress was made by Children, the Obamas would just say, “We had no idea, and we are appalled.” Blah, Blah, Blah……………………………….

Btw, people are comparing Obama to Jackie O.   Let’s get real. There will never be another Jackie O. and I think those who are making the comparison should stop taking that LSD or Peyote, or whatever they’re smoking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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3 Comments on “Michelle Obama Has Children In India Attach the Sequins for Her Special Dress??”

  1. lovebug35 Says:

    um,, wtf? Why does it really matter who worked on her dress?

  2. transparnc Says:

    I will tell you why it matters. Because the labor of putting the Sequins in the dress was done in India where CHILD LABOR is prevalent, and CHILD LABOR is illegal in most countries. Since the dress was put together in India, this question should be investigated. Just as it is for other Companies, Designers and Stars who have their own clothing line, but who use Child Labor to do the work on their lines. Can you say KATHY LEE? Can you say NIKE? etc., etc.
    Just because this is the Teflon Presidency, doesn’t mean that the question can’t be raised as to whether the production of this Dress worn by Michele Obama, was crafted using Child Labor. It was made in INDIA, and there is a Very Good Chance that Child Labor was used. And Why is that Important? I think the Answer is Self Explanatory.

  3. grouchow Says:

    I guess many over in India need to get a pay check but child labor? I have to draw a line on that. I hope it doesn’t pan out to be true.

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