Tiger Woods Involved In A Domestic Abuse Episode??

Well, it looks like Tiger Woods may have been on the receiving end of a Domestic Abuse Episode. The story of his wife smashing the rear window to get Tiger out of his SUV reminds me of the Asshole Senator Monserratte of NYS saying that while he was bringing a glass of water to his wife, he accidentally tripped and the glass accidentally cut his girlfriend’s face, which needed 50 stitches!!

Florida doesn’t fuck around when it comes to domestic violence. Both participants would get arrested if the cops see that a domestic issue occurred, although in this case, Tiger is the only one with Wounds. Even if Tiger said he didn’t want to press charges, the Law states that the Cops have to arrest the Aggressor anyway. If it is true that a Domestic Violence Issue occurred, Tiger better tread lightly, as it is bound to happen again, and his wife has shown that she is prone to violence. Next time, Tiger may have to defend himself, and his wife may incur the bruising, in which case, everyone will get arrested. That’s all Tiger needs is to have a Domestic Violence record. I think he better start looking to distance himself from his wife, although he brought it upon himself if it is found to be true that he cheated on his wife. But that still doesn’t warrant a Spouse to attack another. If the Wife attacks the Husband, it appears that the Public is more acceptable of that compared to if the Husband attacked the wife. The Old Double Standard.

The woods have already contacted their Attorneys multiple times I am sure, and he is advising them on how to Handle this situation with the Police Department. Once the Cops start questioning, they better have their stories straight. I am sure that the Attorneys will be doing the Representing from here on out, although that will look suspicious. But hey, it’s better than the both of them or one of them going to jail.

Good Luck Tiger Woods. You can’t keep your Prick in your Pants, and you got a Wife that ain’t going to take any Crap. Don’t be surprised if this Saga turns out to be an OJ Simpson opposite, where maybe the Wife does in the Husband!!!!!! If I was Tiger, I would sleep with BOTH EYES OPEN!!!!!

And if there are any, I would get all of the Guns out of the House……….But there are always the Steak Knives and ScrewDrivers and such!!!

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5 Comments on “Tiger Woods Involved In A Domestic Abuse Episode??”

  1. shlleka dar awlaki Says:

    They dont need to get their stories straight. Their attorney will advise them to say nothing and that is their right. If neither say anything, then no matter what, that will be the end of that part of the story. Without them speaking, the state has nothing more than a failure to control vehicle and it will cost him 150 dollars. The community may require him to pay for the hydrant and the neighbor damage to the tree. All will be less than 1500 dollars. The bigger issue is his brand, if it turns out that he was having an affair. That will be very expensive. If he divorces, that too will costly. It is sad that this athlete has tarnished his image and possibly his marriage. It will impact the way he plays. But I seriously doubt anyone will get anymore details from the Woods, no matter how much the public wishes to hear it. End of story.

  2. transparnc Says:

    That is true. FHP is handling this case as just a Traffic Accident, and as such, Tiger and his wife do not have to speak to LE.
    If LE gets any indication, as in any evidence, that this is not just a traffic accident, but a domestic violence case, then Tiger and his wife will be legally bound to answer their questions. Or rather their Attorneys will have to submit an answer to the questions.
    It will most likely be a case of where Tiger gets his Wife a Giant Diamond like Kobe Bryant did when he cheated on his wife.
    Btw, Tiger’s wife must have some Temper on her, and only Bad things will happen as time marches by.

  3. transparnc Says:

    Well, what a surprise. Woods doesn’t meet with FHP for the third day in a row. Mum, and BULLSHIT is the word of the day as Tiger reports on his website that everything was his fault. Which leads me to beleve that most everything was HER Fault. The Wifee that is.
    Anyway, I’m sure we havn’t heard the end of the Abuse that is most likely to happen in the Future.
    Would be Fucked up if this Wife of his Took him out, so to speak. It would be a real waste. Hopefully Tiger Splits from this Nutjob before it’s too late!!!!
    Go out and get Laid, if that’s what you want. You’re still young. But the writing is on the wall regarding the Nutjob you’re married to.
    I truly believe that the Violence was done by the Wife and not Tiger, at least in this case. Tiger had all the injuries, which is a very telling signature of violence perpetuated by the significant other.

  4. transparnc Says:

    This may be the end of the Tiger Woods run on Jack Nicholas’s Records.
    Who knows if Tiger Woods will get thru his ordeal Mentally. We all know that Golf is a very Mentally Challenging Game. This incident may affect the way Tiger plays Golf in the Future, and not just in the Short Term, but for The Long Haul………………….
    I may be jumping the gun here, but not by too far, imo

  5. transparnc Says:

    I heard on the News yesterday that Tiger Woods is beat up pretty bad!!! His Wife took a Golf Club right across his Face.
    A Double Standard right there regarding Domestic Violence. If Woods cracked his wife across her face with a 9 Iron, the following would happen:

    1) His Wife would have went right to the Cops
    2) The FHP would start an Investigation Immediately and gain access so they can Interview Woods and ARREST him.

    Woods must be pretty Fucked Up regarding his Facial Injuries. His Wife Should be sitting in jail.
    But the Public Consensus is that Woods Deserved it because he Fucked Around……………….Like I said, A Domestic Abuse Double Standard, which is SOP in today’s Society. A Real Shame!!!

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