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I Hope The Citizens Of The USA Wake Up this New Year And Decade!!!

December 31, 2009

It has been unbelievable to me that with all the Questionable Luggage Obama had and has, he still got voted in. I go with the Facts or the Appearance of things that are questionable, when there is no Concrete Evidence, or if the Evidence is Suppressed.
For example, Reverend Wright. Obama says he was never at a Sermon when Wright was Spewing his Hatred, and Obama said he never knew Wright felt the way he did. There is no Concrete evidence Disputing what Obama said, BUT Common sense tells me I don’t need a signed avadavid  to tell me Obama is full of shit. But I must be int he Minority of people with Common Sense. How about the question of how Obama got Accepted into Harvard, and PAID his Way for 4 Years. There is a Tie That Percy Sutton brought up regarding a Radical Muslim that represents a Saudi Prince, and that a Request was made of Sutton to write a Good Guy Letter to Harvard. And there is talk about the Saudi Prince paying Obama’s Tuition. In addition, the Muslim Radical has decided not to speak about the Subject because he said he Doesn.t want the information regarding the Topic to be Blown out of Proportion “like the Reverend Wright Issue did.” That Statement is EXTREMELY TELLING! Yet this Issue is Also Tossed Aside. They say that Percy was old and Mixed up his Facts. I say BULLSHIT. PERCY SUTTON WAS AN EXTREMELY SMART MAN, EVEN WELL INTO HIS 80′s. It is SOP do say the Man is too old to know what he is talking about, yet the Man is and was as Smart as A Whip!!!

 I can go on about other issues BUT the Point is that there are MANY questionable Issues regarding Obama yet People just Ignore them. This is Unbelievable to me.
I have a Bad feeling about Obama and I hope that we can make it through the next 3 Years without Obama Doing us Harm, and Hopefully he won’t be elected a 2nd Term. But the Damage may be done in the First Term.

NYC………A New Year And Decade, But The Same Old Monarchy!!

December 31, 2009

As NYC brings in the New Year and the Start of a New Decade later on today, NYC will still be the Same Old Monarchy it has been for the Past 8 Years. Bloomberg was chosen as Mayor again, and with Bloomberg remains the same old Administration that we have had for the Past 8 Years and for the Next 4!!!! The Bloomberg Monarchy will be 12 Years Old at the end of Bloomberg’s Bought & Paid for 3rd Term in Office. We can only hope that he does not Run for a 4th Term. But due to his Slim Margin of Victory his $$100 Million Dollars bought him, I doubt he will take a Chance on a 4 Term. Because we all know that if he wanted to Run for a 4th term, he would just Change the Laws as he did recently.

With Bloomberg comes the Same Old Police Commissioner Kelly with the Same old Brutalizing, Corupt NYPD, and the Same Old School Chancellor Klein, which means that our School System will be in the Same Old Sorry State of Affairs it has been in for the Past 8 Years. Remember that the Increase in math & Reading Scores were just a Smokescreen thrown up at you by Bloomberg & Klein, as The National Report Proved. NYC School Scores were still behind the rest of the Nation.

It is truly a Shame that with a New Year and the Start of a New Decade, that NYC will Still be The Same Old Regime it has been for the Past 8 Years. It is truly a Shame. And to think that with 5 more Percentage points in the recent Mayoral Race, Bloomberg would have been gone with the Rest of his Chronies, and NYC could have Started Anew. But it is Not To Be………….What a Shame!!!

Kelly Says NYC Crime Is Down……….Again!!!!! I Say “BULLSHIT!!!!!”

December 29, 2009

I SAY BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NYC Police Commissioner Kelly says the Following >

NYC has the lowest Murder Rate Per 100,000 people of any Big City in the USA. Or is it the World? I gotta look that one up. It may be the UNIVERSE!!!!!!!!!!!

Regarding Terrorism, NYC has been at a Heightened State since 9/11. Nothing has changed since the Christmas Terrorist Attack regarding additional precautions.

Crime is down across the Board since the Downsizing of the NYPD.

Yeah……ok……………and I live in a Fantasy World Also!!!!!!!!!!

Kelly is so full of shit, it is Mind Blowing…………..According to him, everything is Dandy in good old NYC. And if Kelly has not taken Added Precautions for the Safety of NYC after the Christmas Terrorist Attack, then he should Hand in His Badge. Of Course he has taken the Necessary Precautions. He just wants to make it Sound NYC is always Protected, and Nothing More needs to be one. That the NYPD has already done it all. That is what he is saying by stating No Extra Precautions have been Initiated. Now everyone knows that to be Bullshit. It’s just more Propaganda to Propagate the “Safest City in the World” Scenario. He follows the Same Bullshit Line as his Boss, Mayor Michael Blooomberg. The NYPD Bullshits the crime numbers so the Precinct Statistics are Under Reported, so in turn the State Numbers are Under Reported, and Finally, in Turn , the Federal Crime Statistics regarding NYC are INACCURATE. And That is How You Get Crime Statistics that are The Lowest of Any Big City In the USA……………………………………… This is very similar to the Bullshit Educational Statistics regarding the Increased Math and Reading Scores of NYC Students that was Reported by the City. It was found out Months Later that those Educational Statistics Derived by the City were Fudged, and the Increases in Scores was not really True. It was Mayor Bloomberg who came up with his own Formula of what Constitutes Increased Educational Scores to make it look like NYC Students were doing so well regarding Bloomberg’s Programs. The Results are made to fit the Story Being told. This has been going on for a Very Long Time in NYC. To make the World think that NYC is so Safe. This Brings in Much needed Revenue to the City. All this is just Proganda Prompted by Bloomberg and Kelly.

Everyone that live in NYC knows that this is a DANGEROUS CITY. Ask the Citizens that live in Bed Stuy, Crown Heights, Brownsville, East New York, etc., etc. The Citizens are getting Shot, Stabbed, Raped, Kidnapped, Assaulted every day on the streets of New York City. If NYC is the Safest City in the USA, Those other Cities Must be Terrible.

NYC is UNSAFE!!!! Just ask the Parents that have had their children killed by Stray Bullets. Just ask the Children that have lost their Parents due to a Violent Crime, Just ask the People that live in the Neighborhoods I have Mentioned, and others. All these Low Crime Stats are Bullshit. Crime, according to what I have been hearing and seeing on the News, and have experienced is HIGH. It is as HIGH or HIGHER than it has been the last few Years.  The other day, there were 6 Armed Robberies committed over the Course of 4 Hours, 3 Thugs were robbing People at knife and GunPoint. I know because I spoke to the Detectives regarding these Crimes, and I had to Review the Video Tape of one of the Store Cameras that caught the Perpetrators running from one of the Scenes of the Crime. These Criminals eventually got Caught a few Days later. This is just one example of multiple Crimes that most likely never gets into Those Fudged Statistics, which makes the Crime Rate Artificially Low.

So to those who don’t live in NYC, NYC is not as Safe as Kelly And Bloomberg want you to think. And to those of us who live in NYC, we already knew this!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Israel vs. USA Airline Security

December 29, 2009

Comparing the Security Israel has and the Security The USA has is like comparing a Rolls Royce to a Fiero!
With Israel, The Air Marshal is Part of a Much Layered Security Package.  5 Hijackers WOULD NEVER GET ON A PLANE IN ISRAEL. IN THE USA, 5 HIJACKERS CAN EASILY GET ABOARD AN AIRCRAFT, and therefor a Marshal would not mean much.
The Training Israel Security has is heads over Heels that of the USA >                                                                                                                          Israel Probably pays their Security Personnel much more money than we pay ours which may account for the Statement above
Israel has a Much More Layered Security which The USA is Lacking in >                                                                                               The Communication between Law Enforcement Agencies is much better in Israel than in the USA >

Obviously, the USA is a Much Larger Country than Israel, and therefor Logistics plays a Huge Part in Airline Security, and Security against terrorist Attacks, in General. But I think we can Learn Much from Israel regarding Security.

How To Stop The Terrorists?? To Profile Or Not?? That Is The Question!!

December 29, 2009

And the Answer is……………………………………YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This question has been Raised yet Again. It was first raised shortly after 9/11, and was Immediately Rebuked, never to be brought up again!!

Well, fast forward over 8 Years later, and the Security Measures we have in  Airports are NOT Working!!!! Just because we have never had another Attack since 9/11 does not mean a thing. There have been a couple of Attempts that have Failed for 2 Reasons:

1) Heros have Subdued the Fucking Terrorist Assholes which Avoided a Catastrophe

2) The Muslim Terrorist Assholes are Morons and in some cases the explosives have Failed. Which btw, we know that not all terrorists are Morons, because if they were, they would have never been able to complete their mission on 9/11. I just think that over the years, we have seen the actions of the Moronic 5th String Terrorists, and not the 1st String Muslim Asshole Scumbag Terrorists.

3) There may have already been an Attack that Succeeded right after 9/11 but we are Not being told the Truth regarding the Jet that exploded over the Atlantic out near the Hamptons in New York. You remember, the Law Enforcement Witnesses that saw a Missle shoot at the Jet, and then saw an Explosion immediately afterwards. We were told that it was a Gas Tank Explosion. Well, there were many witnesses that thought otherwise. That story is for another Post.

But Back to profiling or not. Israel Profiles, and they have a 100% Success Rate of never having one of their Jets go down due to a Terrorist Act. And this is over a Period of more than 25 Years. I think since the Attack on Entebbe sp?

The TSA can only do so much, and without Profiling, the odds are greatly increased that we will soon have an Asshole Terrorist that Finally Succeeds with a Barbaric Act that kills many of our Citizens.  If the United States does not let Our Soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan Fight those 2 Wars the Way a War is supposed to be Fought, then we better take the necessary Precautions right here on American Soil. And that INCLUDES PROFILING.

Let’s STOP the Politically Correct NONSENSE of Not Profiling. By not Profiling, The TSA is wasting a lot of time and Man/Woman Power searching Women with Babies, Baby Bottles, 90 Year old Women and Men, Blonde Haired Blue Eyed Girls, Elderly in Wheel Chairs, 40 Year old Women with 3 children in Tow, etc., etc.

We all know that most of the terrorists come from certain Countries, and 100% of those Countries are MUSLIM COUNTRIES!!!!!We all know that!! It is NO SECRET! DO we just forget about this Important Fact and Make believe it Doesn’t Exist????? 

To Not Include Profiling is Sheer Stupidity. We better start throwing the PC Crap out the Window when it comes to Protecting our Citizens from Another TERRORIST ATTACK. Anyone who thinks that the Security Measures we now have in place are Protecting us from another CATASTROPHE, is Sticking their head in the Sand. Lets start concentrating on  People who are known to come from Countries or who have Origins from countries where 100% of the Terrorists have come from.


The TSA Has No Fucking Clue!!!!!

December 28, 2009

Security was at one of the Most Heightened States of Alert in a Long Time, after the Christmas Terrorist Act, yet a Guy got on Board a Jet TODAY with Fireworks aka Explosives!!!!!

The TSA Has no clue on how to protect the Citizens of the USA!!! The TSA will never be able to fully Protect Us. It is an Impossibility given the number of people, the number of Airlines and the number of Airports, and the sheer size of the USA. If we were the Size of Israel and had Their Security, we no doubt would be Extremely Safe. But we are in the USA, and we have Many Idiots working for the TSA. Some of the TSA Personnel are Very experienced and Extremely Vigilant. But we are talking about Thousands of TSA Employees, and many of them are ill trained, or just plain Lax and/or Stupid. The TSA inspects Baby Bottles, Pregnant Women, The Elderly and everything else under the Sun, but they cannot detect obvious Explosives, or Terrorists.  Security will NEVER be 100%. And remember, the Terrorists now have Butt Bombs, which are explosives they Shove up their Asses, and activate the Explosive Device with a Cellphone Call. How is the TSA going to Stop that???? They have to spend much more time Profiling People who are in the Airports, and looking for signs that are Suspicious. I remember Flying Shortly after 9/11, and noticed a Passenger at the Gate acting Very Strange, He was Fidgeting around, pacing up & down, talking to himself, etc. I brought this to the Attention of the Gate Personal, but they just Shrugged it off. How do you expect anything to be prevented when Airport Personnel Shrug things off such as this??

People are fooled into thinking we are Secure, but maybe now they will realize that they are not, and it is only a matter of Luck if Nothing Happens regarding another Terrorist Act. People have no choice but to say the TSA makes them Secure and they feel very safe, because the Alternative would be Not to Fly. But People gotta wake up and stop living in a Fantasy World. we live in a Very Dangerous World, and these Terrorists show No Signs of Letting Up, I am sorry to say.

Obama and Khalid Mansour!!!

December 27, 2009

Take a look at this Video

and the rest of the videos and info on that page. If it was you or me that had ties to this guy, we’d be Investigated up the Ass!!!!

There are many Supporters of Obama that say much of the Negativity that is written or discussed about Obama are from the Right and not worth listening to, read, or spoke about. I say this:  No matter whether the Facts come from the Right, the Left or the Center, a Fact is a Fact. That does not Change. Now if a Person wants to say that they don’t like the Spin that a Person or Group on the Right puts on the Facts, that is a different story. If you want to listen to a Fact that gets Sugar-Coated, that is your Prerogative. But I feel in order to formulate a Fair Opinion, one must Listen to the Facts, even if they are Facts one does not want to look at. If I only listen to a Person or a Group or a Media Source that speaks or writes about the Facts as if they are not True, or puts a Sugar-Coated Spin on it, should I not also listen to the Side that speaks about these Facts in a more Harsh Way? I can then Formulate my own opinion Based on the Facts I have just Hard, Read or listened to. Even if I am on the Right, and the Facts are not supported, I can then take a point of view that differs from my Party View.  The same is True if you are on the Left, and the Facts are Supported, then one should also be able to deviate from their Party View. And this is Exactly my Point. It is not about being a Democrat or a Republican, being on the Left or the Right, or whether or not you voted for Obama, It is about Facts. And if the Facts demonstrate that there is an Issue to be Discussed and Researched, and Questioned, then it should be. If the Facts demonstrate that an Issue should be Investigated, then it should also be.

I find myself quite often listening to People whose views I don’t agree with, or Groups I don’t agree with, just so I learn about both sides of the Story. To not listen to one side because you Don’t agree with their Facts, is Ludicrous. It is No Wonder that many People who voted for Obama didn’t listen to the Facts, or if they did, they dismissed them as Lies from the Right. I think, with Time, The Facts will make themselves Known Again, and the People who Dismissed them Perviously, will be Awoken by the Actions of Barrack Hussein Obama. I mention Obamas Middle Name, because it is not spoken about or written much, and that is just a small wayof  how People want to dismiss certain Facts, such as Barracks Middle Name. To speak or write about it is to Put a Spin on our President, and Associate him with being Muslim when he is Christian. Well, my friends, even that is in Dispute, even though that Fact is of little Consequence.

But there are Facts that are of Much Consequence, and many People have Put Their Heads in the Sand, or feel they are Right Wing Views. Time Will Tell My Friends, Time Will Tell………………….

I have to bring up one fact. Obama and The Reverend Wright Association. This is a Fact where it was spoken about in Depth, but yet the Majority of People Dismissed the Association as being Benign. Obama went to this White Hating/Jew Hating guys Church for 20 Years. Yet when Obama was questioned about this, he said he was never present when the Reverend was having these types of Sermons, and was not even aware that the Reverend was saying such things!! Obama then made a Speech to the American Public analogizing his Association with Wright as a Relationship akin to a Son that does not agree with his Mothers Views yet still has a Relationship!!!!!

You got to be Kidding Me!! Obama didn’t know what the Reverend was Preaching? I say Bullshit! I don’t need a Written notarized Document telling me he was there, or that he DID KNOW about what the Reverend was Preaching. I can Formulate my own opinion, which has Nothing to do with the Right or the Left. Now if I was Desperate enough to not let anything get in the way of me voting for Obama, that is a different story. If I invested Years into Finally being able to vote for my guy Obama, nothing would stop that. And I would look for any reason I could to continue my Support for Obama, no matter what facts came out. I would believe my Candidate. And I would continue to Vote for Change. Well, my friends, there is a Saying, “If it looks like a Duck, and Quacks like a Duck, then it Must be a Duck!”  But the Public Fell for this Load of Crap!!!!! Well Wrote People Fell for Obama’s Load of Bullshit!!! This was Unbelievable to me, but showed me The Power Obama had With His Spoken Word. This Issue would have been the end of anyone elses Political career, but not the end of Obama’s. The People wanted to elect Obama in such a Bad Way, and they were so Desperate not to have a Republican in Office, that they Brought this Guy’s Bullshit!!!! You don’t have to be a Democrat or a Republican to see the Lunacy in Buying Obamas Reasoning as to why he had a Relationship with Reverend Wright.. Obama then left Wright’s Church, and All Was Right, or Well Again!!!! And Wright was Never to be Heard of. Wright knew that he had his man in the White House, and he was as Content as a Pig in Shit!!!!

I brought the Wright Story up again to show How People can be Swayed, even when The Facts Speak Volumes!!!!

Nigeria Is Known As The Scamming Capital Of The World………

December 27, 2009

…………………now Nigeria will also be known as The Country where the Nigerian Asshole came from who attempted a Terrorist Attack on The United States on Christmas Day!!!!

What’s up with these Nigerian Scumbags?????

Obama Issues A Statement About the Passing Of Percy Sutton…………

December 27, 2009

how about a statement about the Terrorist Attack?????????????????????????????????????????????????

You gotta be kidding me. Obama issues a Statement regarding the passing of Percy Sutton, and how much of a loss it is to the African-American Community, etc. And rightfully so I may add.

See the Statement HERE


It was bad enough he didn’t say anything about the Terroist Attack. But now he feels the Percy Sutton Passing is Important enough to Issue a Statement, BUT The Terrorist Attack Isn’t!!!?????

What the He’ll Is This Guy Thinking?????? I don’t care what side of the aisle you’re on, but this is Ridiculous!!!!

Where Has Tiger “The Boinker” Woods Gone?????

December 27, 2009

Woods has been off the front page of the news. And I have not heard a peep about him in a few days. Why is this????

Is it because the Media doesn’t want to be accused of their coverage of the Woods Fiasco being Racially Motivated???

They must have gotten many letters and correspondence regarding this issue. No one of any importance has publically accused the Media of this so far, as Woods brought all this on himself. But maybe the Media doesn’t want to push their luck!!

Or maybe the news is slow because of the Holiday Season, Hanukkah, Christmas, And New Years and such.

Or maybe the Girls have been Shut up with loads Of Money!!!

I am sure we’ll be hearing some more news after the holidays, when Erin “The Slammer” Nordegren starts Divorce Proceedings.