Tiger Woods………….Is this The End Of An Era???????????????

Will  Tiger Woods get thru his “Accidental Car Incident” Mentally?? We all know that Golf is a Very Mental Game, and that if Tiger can’t get thru this “Domestic Violence Incident,” it is possible that his Golf Game may never get back on track. The fact that he is avoiding FHP, is indicative of Someone or Someones that have something to Hide.

The records of Jack Nicholas may never be broken by Woods if he does not get back on Track. I always felt that when Tiger Woods played “Bad” golf, it was most likely due to Domestic Squabbles. It seems that shortly after Tiger got married, his “Bad” golf rounds increased. This was just my perception, but it appears that Woods does not handle Domestic Issues well, as is evidenced by is dropping out of his OWN Tournament coming up this Thursday.

Time will tell, but so far it doesn’t look good for him. I believe that this Incident will be the Straw that Will Break The Camels Back………. and that Tiger Wood’s Game will never get back on Track. Even if it does get back on Track, it will never be the Stellar Track that he has been on for Years. Too bad, as he was arguably the Greatest Golfer that has ever Played the Game.

This will be a Saga similar to Mike Tyson. Tyson was on Track to be the Greatest Boxer that ever Lived, up until he got Hooked up with Robin Givens, and then was accused of Rape. Obviously, Tiger Woods has not had a Criminal Record, but it seems that a Woman will be his downfall. Although Tyson had many Demons, but who knows what Demons are in Tiger’s Closet???

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