Obama Puts West Point Cadets To Sleep!!!!

I watched Obama’s speech tonight, and couldn’t help but notice that some Cadets had a hard time keeping their eyes open. How do I know this you ask, because the cameras kept cutting away from Obama and showed the Sleeping and/or Nodding Off Cadets!!

I for one was changing the channel to get away from the 2nd half of his Speech. The first half was fine regarding the 30,000 Troop Surge, but then came Obama’s Boring Second Half. His analogies were Fucking Boring. He tried to make use of his Oratorial Skills but they failed. This was probably one of his worst Speeches that I have ever heard. His endless diatribes were making me fall asleep. No wonder the West Point Cadets were Bored out of their Skulls!! Obama was trying to create a Truman or a Roosevelt Moment in History, and he FUCKING FAILED at that also!!!! The way the Guy tilts his head up as he is speaking is nauseating. Like he’s posing for a Portrait or something. You know what would have broken the Monotony, if Nancy Pelosi Streaked Naked across the Stage as Obama was speaking!!

I think Obama thought the Kool-Aid Drinkers would fall for his Glossing over the 30,000 Troop Surge but Obama Failed.

I agree with the Troop Surge, But to give a Time Line and his reasoning for it was one of the Most Absurd reasoning I have ever heard. Give me a Fucking Break!! Giving a Time Line to the Enemy?? The Enemy will lie back for 18 Months, and then when Obama is fooled into believing that His Surge worked, and gradually pulls out the Troops, The Taliban Assholes will Swarm back like Locusts. Obama tried to Play both sides of the Fence, and he Failed.

But again, what a Fucking Bore this Obama is getting to be. You are No Longer on the Campaign trail, and many people are finally putting down their Glasses of Kool-Aid, and waking up to Reality. The reality of a President who sometimes really has No Clue.

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4 Comments on “Obama Puts West Point Cadets To Sleep!!!!”

  1. Bob Cadet Says:

    or the cadets could have been nodding off because it was fucking hot in there, they were required to head straight there from afternoon classes at 4 pm in winter dress uniform aka dress gray, and the speech itself didnt start for 4 hours. not saying anything for or against the speech, its just nice not to use cadets as an example when all the facts are not present.

  2. transparnc Says:

    I hear ya. But the 2nd half of that Speech was putting me to sleep also. Obama went on and on about nothing. It was one of the most boring, fucking speeches I have ever heard. In the middle of the 2nd half of his speech, Obama had to be saying to himself, “Who the Fuck wrote this speech?!”
    The fact that the Cadets had to sit thru this Bullshit is a Shame, after having a Tough day as they always have. They were just Props for Obama.
    Btw, if you are a West Point Cadet, Isalute you and Thank you for your Service.
    If you are not, then I thank All that are.

  3. The cadets nodded off because of Obama and his lame ass speech. Using his favorite word “I” 45 times in a 35 minute speech is narcissistic. He blamed Bush, took jabs at critics and informed our enemy by telling how many troops are coming, the war strategyt and the month ALL U.S. troops would withdrawl.

    I’m glad Obama wasn’t the president during WWII. He would give Hitler the same exact things he gave the Taliban & al-Qaeda. Gives new meaning to his “Change.”

  4. transparnc Says:

    Yeah, Obama ain’t the sharpest tack on the board. While trying to appease all sides, he dropped the ball on Defending our Country and our Soldiers!!

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