Elin Nordegren Ain’t Outta The Woods Yet!!!!

No Pun Intended!

Hey Elin, you’re lucky you’re a Woman, because if it was Tiger drew your blood, he’d be sitting in jail right now. Everyone knows you struck Woods and bashed the Escalades windows out. Lucky for you there is a Double Standard when it comes to Domestic Violence!

All Tiger has to do is File a Complaint against you, and the FHP will be at your house to Arrest you quicker than Speed Racer! Tiger ain’t gonna Rat on his wifee considering the Circumstances.

This Broad Elin is a real Hothead, even though Woods Stuck his Woody in many Holes, Domestic Violence is Domestic Violence. And it should be Equally Enforced under The Law. It obviously is not, no matter what Bullshit Law Enforcement tells you.

I would still sleep with one eye open, or rather Both Eyes open. Tiger wood not want Erin to pull a Lorraina Bobbit on him!!!

Tiger would find his Woody flying out the Window and onto his Driveway!!!

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2 Comments on “Elin Nordegren Ain’t Outta The Woods Yet!!!!”

  1. At this point, Tiger would have a hell of a time proving that Elin hit him. With no witnesses, and their refusal to give a statement, the case would be thrown out in a heartbeat.

    • transparnc Says:

      This is very true. But I think if Woods ever filed a complaint (which he obviously wouldn’t,) the FHP would at least have to bring her in for questioning (She would obviously have her Attorney with her, if she was smart,) and they may even be obligated to arrest her. Florida has its own set of Domestic Abuse Laws. I am not sure if the Law says an arrest would have to be made, especially after the Spouse files a Complaint. As you said, it may be hard to prove Domestic Violence in a Court of Law.
      I am very sure that the Doctors at the Hospital knew immediately whether the injuries were caused by Domestic Violence or not. If they were suspicious, I would think that they would Have to notify LE. But as it was Tiger Woods at the time, they may have failed to report their findings. Unless they did report the issue to LE, which may be the reason why FHP went to the Wood’s Residence three times in an attempt to speak with them.

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