Terrorist Trials To Be Held In NYC…….What A Joke!!!!!!

I just heard Homeland Security Chief Neapolitano say that NYC is well equipped to handle the Security for The Terrorist Trials. She also had words of wisdom regarding the Security Breach at the White House regarding the 2 guests that got in without invitations.

First of all there are ABSOLUTELY NO GOOD REASONS to have the Terrorist Trials in NYC. Not One!!!!! Try them somewhere else and then Hang them when and if they are found Guilty. I can guarantee that the Majority of the Victims Families of 9/11 do not want the trials here either. For what!!!!! This is one of the most ridiculous Decisions that have come out of  the White House!!!!!

When asked about the White House Security Breach, Neapolitano The Brainiac said that “Besides Reality TV gone out of Control,” it was a serious situation and is being investigated.

The Secret Service Can’t Protect The President of the United States of America, yet we should believe her when she says that NYC will be Protected when we have the Terrorist Trials!!!! Really, you guys can’t even Protect The POTUS within a Bubble which is the White House, but you want us to trust your Security for NYC?? You are One Big Joke!!!!!

And as for the Reality TV Analogy, that is one of the most Absurd comments I have heard in a while. The Media has shown what a travesty it was that 2 Clowns can Breach Secret Service Security at the White House. And it also shows The Terrorists what a Joke Security is for Arguably one of the most Important People on the face of the Earth!!!!

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2 Comments on “Terrorist Trials To Be Held In NYC…….What A Joke!!!!!!”

  1. If one of these towel-heads happens to escape these charges, Obama’s presidency is officially over. Bring these Islamic radicals onto U.S. soil and granting them Constitutional rights like they are Americans is a slap to all our faces. The reason it is being done is to put the Bush administration on trial, in front of the world. It will backfire in their faces.

  2. transparnc Says:

    Yes. Having the trials in NYC is a slap in our faces as the costs will approach and surpass what King Bloomberg spent on his Campaign! Having the trials here is complete Bullshit, and not because one of these assholes might escape, because the odds on that happening is close to Zero. It is complete Bullshit because they are Terrorists and should have a Military Trial, or better yet, have the trials in the Homeland of Obama the Screwball, Chicago!!!

    Btw, if something does go wrong and one of these Assholes is found innocent of the charges, the Obama Administration will blame it on Bush!!!

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