Tiger Wood’s Caddy, Steve Williams Is In Limbo!!!!

What is a Caddy to do whose boss can’t keep his Dick in his pants???  Without Tiger Woods playing on the Lynx, it will be hard for his caddy, Steve Williams to earn any Money. I hope he has a Good Pension Plan!!

While it’s true that Steve can caddy for others, the “others” don’t make nearly as much money on the PGA Tour as Woods.

I think Caddys work on a Percentage. While it is too early to see what will happen with Wood’s career, Steve may want to go out into the Job Market and see what’s available, just in case Woods is Sidelined for a while. It is obvious that Woods will need time to repair his Marriage, or he just may need time to go thru the Divorce Proceedings. Either way, Woods will be out of Commission for Months is my guess.

I hope these Broads were worth it Woods. You will lose Millions in Tour Wins, and YES, Endorsements, even though Nike and Gatorade are Standing by their Man for now, I feel that won’t last, when all the rest of this Shit comes pouring out into the limelight. They will drop Woods like a Hot potato. There must be a Clause in his Contracts regarding leading a Clean Life or something like that. Unless of course Woods stipulated in his Contract that he could Fuck all the Broads he wants!!!!

Btw, Woods picked some real losers when he chose to fuck around with the girls he did. A couple of them aren’t real lookers in my opinion. They must have had some sort of talent  for Woods to Fuck around with them, such as Sucking a Golf Ball Through a Garden Hose!!! You get the idea!!!

So to Steve Williams, Good Luck to you Sir, as you may soon be out of a Job. Believe me, Woods really ain’t even given you a second thought right now, with all the Shit he is dealing with. And we haven’t seen anything yet!!!!

Hey Steve, did you have a Prenuptial in case Tiger Left You???

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One Comment on “Tiger Wood’s Caddy, Steve Williams Is In Limbo!!!!”

  1. transparnc Says:

    Now that Tiger “Boinker” Woods is Officially retired ( at least for now,) what is happening with Poor Steve. Kinda feel bad for the Guy considering that The Boinker was his Cash cow. Funny how I haven’t heard anything about this topic in the media. Doesn’t anyone care about Steve??
    If The Boinker was a stand up guy, he’d give Steve some cash to get him through this time. Let’s see if The Boinker takes care of his Right Hand Man!!
    Hey, The Boinker Paid the Hookers up to $15,000.00 a piece, so he can at least take care of Steve!!!

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