Tiger Woods Is In Even Deeper Shit With His Wife!!!!

Tiger better Hide All His Golf Clubs, especially the Pitching and Sand Wedges!!!!!

Looks like the girls Woods Slept with are telling the Truth regarding Tiger not being able to keep his Dick in his Pants. A Voicemail Message was just released with Woods telling one of his many Girls that his wife is becoming very Suspicious, and more.

These Women are going to be offered TONS of MONEY to Tell their Stories. In fact, they may be offered so much money that they would have enough to Run For Mayor of New York City just like our own King Bloomberg did.

We haven’t seen nothing yet regarding what is Arguably one of the Biggest infidelity Scandals to occur in a Century!!!!!

And the fact that Tiger is Half  Black will have All the Vultures Picking at his Bones just because of his Race.

Woods will get No Rest………… I know one guy who is Happy to see all of this happen, and that is the Golfer Fuzzy Zoeller  (see here >


 who was thrown out of the PGA for making a Remark about Woods a few years ago, regarding the Menu of Collard Greens and Chicken that would be served at the 1997 Masters Dinner. He alluded to the fact that the winner gets to choose his Menu.

Anyway, all of this is only the beginning, and the 4 carat Diamond that Woods got his Wife Ain’t going to be nearly Enough.

I don’t think Tiger will ever fully rebound from all of this and that Jack will have no worries about his Records being Broken. I base this on the Fact that Golf is a 99% Mental Game, and that Woods will NEVER get Back On Track.

Tiger will most likely be single soon, and he’ll be able to Fuck all the Chics he can get his hands on. But a lot of the Fun will be taken out of the Chase since he won’t be Cheating Anymore. I always knew that Tiger would not have the Longevity in the Golfing Scene like Jack Nicholas, Lee Trevino, Gary Player and the rest of the Great Golfers. It’s not just about Talent, but it is about staying healthy, and staying away from Scandals that Ultimately Sidetrack your Entire Career. I know Tiger has a Strong Constitution, But I don’t think even he has the Stamina to make it through this one. What makes it Tougher is that this Guy was on TOP of the Mountain, and had a tremendous amount of Weight on his Shoulders, being a Role Model and All.

Everyone that looked up to this Guy was an Idiot Anyway. Won’t people ever learn that he and others like him or her, take a Shit and Wipe their ASSES just like the Rest Of  Us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Btw, don’t be surprised if we here the old “I’m Addicted to Sex” Excuse!!! I would like to know what Oprah Winphrey has to say about all this. She already probably thinks Stedman is cheating on her anyway!!!

After this, Michelle may be keeping an extra eye on her man Barrack Hussein Obama!!!!!

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2 Comments on “Tiger Woods Is In Even Deeper Shit With His Wife!!!!”

  1. This really is an interesting article, I think you’ve got a good outlook on points!

  2. transparnc Says:

    Thank you Rodney. The old Sex Addiction Card was certainly played. And now Woods is Attempting to “Play” the Public.
    Now it appears Erin will be going back with The Boinker. She probably got a 100 Million Dollars to agree to that one. Wood’s only chance of Trying to get his reputation repaired in the Public Eye was that if Erin would continue playing the Role of wife. Looks like that is what will happen. Imagine Woods trying to go back on tour Single. It would have never “Flew.” Hopefully his Sponsers won’t buy this Cherade.
    I am sure Nordergren had Woods sign some papers that say if Woods cheats one more time, she will get More than Half of what Woods is worth. this is purely a business deal.
    Imagi Nordegren will no doubt get a Huge Payday the Next time Woods Boinks another broad. She already got one huge Paycheck of which we may never know the amount.
    The Master Bedroom in the Woods Household is going to be Colder than the Freezer Locker where Rocky useed to punch the Meat in!!!!

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