King Bloomberg Has A Vendetta against The Middle Class of NYC!!!

King Bloomberg doesn’t want to give The Middle Class Citizens a Fucking Break regarding Parking Grace Periods. He says NO to a 5 Minute Grace Period regarding expired Parking Meters.

Five minutes would prevent Overzealous Parking Meter maids from Ambushing NYC Citizens. But King Bloomberg says that a Grace Period would be Ridiculous. King Bloomberg is a FUCKING SCHMUCK, and Everyone who voted for this Asshole deserves what they get, for Voting him on the Throne Again!!!!

Bloomberg is Pissed Off at the Middle Class for making the Election Too Close for the KINGS Comfort, and will  base Most of his Decisions on what is the Best Way to Stick it to the Middle Class!!!! As Everyone knows, Bloomberg the King is Very Good at Holding Grudges, and doesn’t miss an opportunity to Screw over anyone that doesn’t agree with him.

Five Minutes would benefit the Citizens of NYC and the reason Bloomberg gives regarding what watch to go by is a Fucking Moronic Excuse as why not to give the Citizens a Grace Period. Five Minutes is not etched in stone, and if it is 6 minutes, that is fine also. The time would be on the Muni Ticket and correlate with the Dumb Machines that the meter maids use regarding the time of the issuance of the ticket.

King Bloomberg is a SCHMUCK, and we will have Another 4 Years of this Asshole Screwing the Middle Class.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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