New York City…………Where Murder Is Rampant!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One Mother is Shot in the Head and Killed yesterday, and her Son is Shot in the Leg.

One Mother Shot in the Bronx and Killed today, in front of her 2 young daughters………….

Murder is on the Rise in these Neighborhoods, and don’t be Fooled by the Propaganda coming out of King Bloomberg’s Court saying that Crime is Down. And don’t believe Bloomberg’s Court Jester, Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly , when he Mimics Bloomberg’s Sentiments. Crime and Murder in Particular, has been Rampant in these Neighborhoods for quite some time. Just ask the Parents of the Children that are being Shot and Killed…..But wait, those parents are being Shot & Killed also.

I wouldn’t be Surprised if the Murder Count surpasses The Count in Newark, N.J., which is the Murder Capital of the United States. I am Sure NYC will have that Distinction in the Near Future. I wouldn’t be Surprised if The Scumbag Murderers in these 2 Cities are having some Kind Of Sick Contest to see who has the Highest Murder Rate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So to all of NYC Citizens, Be aware out there and be Very Careful and WATCH your Back and those that you Love, because it has been very Dangerous out there, and is getting more so Day by Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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