The Official Tiger Wood’s Boink-O-Meter Thread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tiger Woods has Unofficially BOINKED 9 Broads so far!!!!!!!!

I am sure this number will Double in a short time, once the Rest of the Beavers come out of the Woodwork!!!

I am sure Woods has told his wife the number of Beavers he has Boinked to date. But it may be that Woods doesn’t even know the number, as he may have lost count.

Woods has obviously been a Busy Beaver, Or should I say that The Beavers have been Busy!!!!!!!

Wood’s Wife Erin would have surely Killed him if She Knew All of This Stuff at the time She Ironed Woods in the Face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stay Tuned to this Boink-O-Meter thread to see the latest number of Beavers Tiger has BOINKED!!!!!

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One Comment on “The Official Tiger Wood’s Boink-O-Meter Thread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  1. transparnc Says:

    The Number of Boinkerees is up to 17, Give or Take a Boinkeree or 2!!
    Way to go Tiger Woods. I hope you didn’t contract a Venereal Disease and give it to your Wifee Poo!!!

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