Bloomberg Was Full Of Shit Regarding Math Test Scores!!!!!

I told you guys months ago that Bloomberg’s statistics are based on Bullshit Methods. Whether it be Math Scores or Crime Statistics. King Bloomberg makes the Statistics fit the way he wants them to fit regarding the Story he wants to Spew from his Bullshit tongue.

The National Statistics came out and show that NYC Students are as dumb now as they were before Bloomberg’s Quasi Statistics came out.NYC Citizens should wake up and stop believing All the Propaganda that comes out of the Bloomberg Administration, especially the Bullshit that comes out of the Mouth of King Bloomberg himself.

Btw, Bloomberg has earned the title King, and NOT Mayor. The reason is, that a King is associated with a Monarchy, and a Mayor is associated with a Democracy. Since NYC is a Quasi Democracy, and not a TRUE Democracy, KING is the appropriate Title for Bloomberg to Hold, since NYC is closer to being a Monarchy, then it is to being a Democratic City.

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