Hiram Monserrate is Spewing His Bullshit On NY1!!!!

This Scumbag is being Interviewed right now on NY1. This guy is so full of shit regarding his Domestic Violence Attack on his Girlfriend, it is SICKENING. This Pussy Asshole is Blaming his Girlfriend for Being Drunk, for what happened the night of the Incident!!! The Interviewer is going after this Asshole, the way She should. I give her a lot of Credit for not being lenient on this Asshole!!! She should ask this Piece of Shit where he got the One Million Dollar Attorney Fees????

This Guy Cut his Girlfriend, who needed 50 Fucking Stitches. He is Blaming his Girlfriend for the Night he Cut her by “Accident.”

Monserrate is as Bigger Pussy as they come. He is a Girlfriend Beater/Cutter. He denies it was a Domestic Violence Issue. He is in Denial. Don’t forget that he is an Ex Cop, due to getting Kicked out of the NYPD. He also sued the NYPD for Discrimination. No doubt he will Pull the Race Card regarding his Prosecution and Conviction. He is a HOT HEAD. He is a LIAR. He is a PUSSY. And let’s not forget that he is a BIG SCUMBAG!!!!! If this dumb broad Carla stays with this Asshole, she deserves what she gets I’m Sorry to Say. Although I give her Credit because Carla still has a Restraining Order Against this BUM Monserrate!!!

He says he helped his Girlfriend by getting her to a Hospital. Are you Fucking Kidding Me???? You’re the Asshole who Cut her Face, you Stupid Schmuck!!!! He says that “Everyone should look at themselves, not just me.”  NEWSFLASH………YES, JUST YOU HAVE TO LOOK AT YOURSELF, BECAUSE YOU ARE A PATHETIC EXCUSE FOR A MAN!!!!! And you were the one that was ARRESTED!!!

So, Yes, Mr. Denial. You are the one that has to Look at HIMSELF, and NOT Anyone else.

!!!!NEWS FLASH!!!! This ASSHOLE has just Pulled the Race card.  Surprise,Surprise. We are all looking at a Real Live Schmuck!!!!!!!

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