Frank Urban Zoeller, Jr., I Hope You Get A Little Satisfaction From Tiger Wood’s Downfall

Fuzzy Zoeller got kicked off the PGA Tour because of a statement he made at the 1997 Masters Tournament, regarding what the winner, Tiger “Boinker’ Woods, may choose for the Awards Dinner.


Fuzzy was a Humorous guy on the Tour and always cracked jokes. Because of the BULLSHIT Political Correctness that is Rampant in this Country, and will be around for a Long Time to come, The Almighty PGA Officials gave Fuzzy the Boot!!!!

Well, to the PGA Officials, maybe you should give Tiger Woods the Boot if you want to Judge a Man Ethically. Fuzzy is 100 times the Man Woods ever was, or will ever be. Because of  One Fucking Sentence that Fuzzy said, which btw, was said jokingly, you Idiots ruined his Career. Because Woods was better for golf financially, you gave Fuzzy the Boot because he was “expendable.”

Well to the PGA, I say this. If you want to keep Ethical Standards High on the Tour, Kick Tiger Woods off of it. If you want to hold your Players to a High Level of Ethical Standards, as you held Fuzzy to, then Kick Tiger Woods off the Tour. What’s good for the Goose, is Good for the Gander. If you don’t want to lower your Standards as some Sports Venues have, such as Baseball with its Steroids Fiasco, and Illegitimate Records Fiasco, then Kick Tiger Woods off the Tour. Or maybe even better, Bring Fuzzy Back, but I doubt that even Fuzzy would want to be associated with you Bumpkins!!!!!!!

Hey, Fuzzy, I hope this Tiger Woods Circus Show is at least bringing a Smile to your Face!!!!  Com’on, just a Little One???

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