Is Tiger “Boinker” Woods Retiring From Golf????????????

At least for the moment. He says he has to be a better Man, Husband and Father…………..I say…………………


You should have thought of had that Brainstorm before you started sticking your cock in every hole you could find!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The PGA is crying over The Boinker’s Semi-Retirement, as without The Boinker, the PGA will most likely lose half their audience in addition to Millions of Dollars in Revenue from Advertisers  and the like.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the PGA is paying the Boinker’s Sponsors like Nike, Gatorade and others Big Bucks to keep him on the Payroll. If the Sponsors drop the Boinker, that will be the Death Noll for the PGA and the Boinker.The advertisers should grow a set of Balls and drop The Boinker like the Asshole he is. If it was anyone else besides The Boinker that pulled the Shit that he did, you can bet the farm that the Sponsors would have dropped that person already. i guess if it was Woods who Hit his Wife instead of the other way around, there’s a good chance some Sponsors would have dropped him already. Maybe the Sponsors haven’t dropped The Boinker yet because most of the Head Honchos of Nike, Gatorade, etc., have also Cheated on their Wives!!!! and they don’t want to be seen as hypocrites.

If Woods never came back to the game of golf, WHO GIVES A FUCKING SHIT???

I Don’t, and neither should Anyone else. Life goes on. And so does Golf. And so do the 2 Wars that we are in. And so does the Poor state of the Economy. And so does the High Unemployment Rate., and on and on and on. You get the idea.

Btw, I mentioned in my other Post that Tiger “Boinker” Woods should do commercials for The Bunny Ranch. Maybe he can get Trojan as a Sponser. Which begs the question; Did Tiger Woods use Condoms when he Fucked all of these Women, which included Porno Stars and the like. Yeah…………he must have, as I am sure that the Well Being of his wife was Foremost in his Mind.   Yeah, right, and if you believe that one, I got a SpaceShip that landed in the Forest that I want to show you!!!!!!!!!

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