Ex Customer!!!!!

I have been a Customer of for many Years. But I am Not a Customer Anymore.

I recently saw a Camera on many Websites for $265.00. I called and spoke to the person I always speak to. They had the Camera for $299.00. I asked my Contact if they can Price Match or at least come close to all the other Sellers? The reason being that I have been with BuyDig for a few years and wanted to give them the sale, even if a few dollars more than the others. Btw, the other Sellers were well-known and could also be Trusted, as is BuyDig. Well, The price stood at $299.99 and the Person would not budge, citing that he could only give me the item for the price that was listed, as it was impossible to deviate from the advertised price! What a Bunch Of Bullshit!! He said he could sell me a picture card at a discount (The picture card was not even a Class 6.) I said I would think about it. I called back the next day and asked again regarding the price. He still wouldn’t budge as that was the price, even though I told him that Most of his Competitors had the Camera for $25 Less. He said that he wanted me to be Happy and if that meant buying the camera somewhere else, than to do so.

Well, I did buy the camera somewhere else. I Purchased it at The transaction went real smoothly. I ordered the camera on a Sunday, it was shipped on a Monday and I got the Camera on Tuesday. I saved $25.00

BuyDig lost a Customer as I will never buy from them again, and I highly suggest that you don’t either!!!!

BTW, I just checked the website and BuyDig is now offering the same Camera at $275.00 So I guess they listened to me, although it was too late for me. Think about it, all the Schmuck had to do was lower the price for me. Even if it was not exactly what I could get it for somewhere else. As long as he could lower the Camera a Few bucks. But NO, the Shmuck would not move his Price, so 2 things occurred:

1) They lost the Sale

2) They lost a Good Customer who would have given them Future Sales

A Company is only as Good as their Customer Service. Anyone Can Take an Order. An Order Taker is Not what Makes a Company. It is the Effort or Lack there of to keep the Customer a Customer!! Whether it is making the Sale, or how they deal with an Issue. After all, it doesn’t take a lot of Brains to just write down an order which is pretty straight forward. It is how the company’s Representative deals with issues that are outside the box. And how they look at the Total Picture, before making a Decision. This Asshole’s Decision was one that I am sure his Bosses would not have appreciated, regarding the Lost Sale, in addition to Lost Business in the Future. And all because this Shmuck decided not to lower the price a few bucks, which he was more than capable of doing, especially when this Asshole’s Brother owns the Business!!!

Great Way to do Business!!! Hasta La Vista Nice Knowing You!!

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