WARNING: Don’t Buy From Abes of Maine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whatever you do, don’t ever order from abesofmaine.com and don’t ever call these Assholes or you will be sorry!!!

I placed an order with Abes of Maine, and I called to cancel the order within 24 hours after I placed it, and  before the Order was shipped. I ordered the item on a Friday and called to cancel it early Saturday. The reason I wanted to cancel the item was because I received an email from a sales guy that wanted to sell me a battery and some other stuff. I agreed to the Battery. I called to ask a couple of questions but kept getting bounced around to various numbers, where no one answered the phone. I then called again to CANCEL the Order. This is where my problems began, and the Order was not even SHIPPED YET!!!!

I wanted to Cancel the Order, because I knew that if I couldn’t get ahold of anyone to inquire about my order before it was shipped, that this was not a Company I wanted to deal with. Imagine the Poor Customer Service I would receive AFTER I received the order? I wanted to avoid this.

To Cancel the Order, I spent 4 Hours on the Phone, and sent about 10 emails, so I can have a Time Record of Requesting the Cancellation. I did not want this company to Ship the Item and say they never received a request to cancel the order!  The Reps would forward my call to an extension that would have a message to please hold, and then the automated system would hang up on me. This happened 5 times. The Shmuck that transferred me said that I had to Hold on for someone to Answer. I told the Asshole that the Extension was hanging up on me. The only reason I was able to get through to these Aholes, was because the Rep left his direct Extension on one of his Hard sell emails. This Guy transferred me to other No Answer Extensions. I had told this guy to Cancel my order and he said ok, and would send me an email confirming this, as per my request. He never sent the email. I spoke to him numerous times, and he promised he would send the confirm, but again, he never did. After Hours, he forwarded me to a Save the Sale guy. I spoke to him and said I wanted to Cancel the order. He asked why? I explained the Lack of customer Service and that I didn’t have to deal with this Crap, and all this was before the Order was even shipped. Imagine the Piss Poor customer service I would receive After receiving the Order?? He said he would include a picture card, ship the camers Next Day and he apologized for the Hassle I received. I agreed to keep the Order. BIG MISTAKE!!!! (Next Day? The Company is in New Jersy so I would have received the item in a day anyway)

I then found out that I received Misinformation regarding the Battery. The Sales guy said that the battery was OEM but it was not. The Battery was an aftermarket battery, and I found out thru searching the Web that Panasonic did not make a battery for sale separately at that time. I about had it at this point. The Bullshit was too much, Misinformation, Being Forwarded to Extensions that Drop the Call, Being Forwarded to a Manager? after Hours of Lack of Customer Service  (The Asshole rep could have Forwarded me right away to the Manager,) No emails as promised, etc. I emailed the Manager? and the Sales rep again and cancelled the order. The Manager? called my number numerous times to speak with me. I just sent more emails cancelling the Order,as I had Been on the Phone and Computer for Hours with these Assholes!!

I sent numerous emails canceling my Order and called my Credit Card company to let them know the issue I was Having regarding the Company not canceling my order at that time. I finally received an Email confirming my cancellation. HOORAY!!!!

It only took me hours to Cancel my Order!!!!

Abes of Maine is a Company that is so Full of Shit, that they should Can it and sell the Can Of Shit on their Site!!!! Btw, the Company is not located in Maine, it is located in New Jersey. I should have Known better!!! The Bullshit starts with their Name. Wanting people to think the Company is Located in Maine!! As everyone would trust a Company located in Maine.  Wouldn’t you??

I ordered the item from www.butterflyphoto.com and was very happy. But remember, a Company is only as good as their Customer Service. Taking an Order is no Big Deal, it is how the Company Handles the Order if any issues arise.

And btw, don’t order from www.buydig.com either. Another Online Company whose Customer Service has some issues. See my other thread regarding that Company.

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15 Comments on “WARNING: Don’t Buy From Abes of Maine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  1. Sarah Says:

    I would like to help you. Please email me your order info

    • transparnc Says:

      Hi. It’s kinda too late now. After hours of trying to resolve this issue last week, the order had been cancelled. In fact, as I wrote, the order was cancelled within 24 hours of placing it. Or at least I attempted too Cancel it (it was eventually cancelled.) I have since purchased the Camera at http://www.butterflyphoto.com without issue.
      Attempting to buy this camera at abes of maine was one of the worst experiences I have ever had with a purchase over the Internet. First the issue was Misinformation, then it was getting routed multiple times to Extensions that disconnected you, then it was Outright Lies regarding Confirmation Emails that were supposed to be sent to me, etc. And many of the problems occurred in just trying to cancel the Order. I could only imagine what would have happened if the item was shipped, and if I had an issue after the camera was received. I didn’t want to take a chance. In addition, I should have not had to deal with multiple phone calls and emails that took up hours of my time, regarding this purchase.
      In fact, my time spent regarding this issue lasted from 11:30am to 3:30pm, and then well after that regarding addtional emails I sent and phone calls I was receiving. The purchase should have taken the 2 minutes it took me to fill out the order page.

      • Sarah Says:

        Sir, I understand your frustration and I would like to make it right by you. In addition, it is important for us to have detailed information in order to correct anything if need be. Please email me with your order information so that i can try and map out what happened. Please understand I am not a Customer Service rep. I work directly with the VP of the company- and it is important for me to gather the appropriate information to report back to my bosses. Thank you for your time and assistance.

  2. transparnc Says:

    I appreciate what you are saying, But I got the Run-around from not only one Rep from your company, but 3 Reps from your company, that handled my order. I am not sure whether you work for the VP or not, but I really don’t have much faith in your company due to my experience. It would appear that this type of conduct by your Reps is not an isolated incident, but rather The Status Quo. You may want to look to your Reps regarding the ways they conduct their business, and sometimes lose business in the Process.
    The Hard Sell (receiving emails and phone calls after the order is placed, to sell more products, under the Guise of just wanting to check on the shipping address info,) is a tactic that you may want to change. If you are the Assiatant to the VP, then I am sure you are aware of this practice. That is just one of the issues that I experienced. And from what I have been reading, it is not an isolated incident.

  3. Sarah Says:

    Call my boss, David @ 822-992-2237 ext 203 or email him DavidV (at) abesofmaine.com. Please.

  4. Sarah Says:

    Sir, My boss woiuld like to speak with you. He is not interested in selling anything to you or anything like that, rather he is interested in apologizing to you personally. He feels terrible that you were unhappy with our service. He takes any and all complaints seriously. Please contact him. 732-225-1777×203 or email him at davidv (at) abesofmaine.com

  5. Lucy Platt Says:

    Really awesome read! Honestly!

  6. Mike Says:

    I too have just experienced this type of hard sell tactic, I placed an order for a camera and wanted to have the shipping expedited after the fact. I received an email from a rep asking me to call him, where he proceeded to hard sell me on a 3rd party battery that I had no interest in. I have emailed davidv with my complaint.

    This is unprofessional and not what I expected from a supposedly respectable retailer. I had purchased from them previously in 20008 and did receive a call offering me some accessories that I actually did want, and had a good experience. This time, not the case.

  7. transparnc Says:

    Thanks for your reply,
    Just make sure they did not add the items to your order without you being aware of it. I would not put it past them to do this. Abe’s of Maine is a disgraceful company, and I would pay a few dollars more to order from a different company which is a Reputable Company. I did order from Butterflyphoto.com
    Btw, this type of selling practice comes from the top, and I doubt that this guy David will be of any help, except to give you Lip Service. He too will most likely try to sell you something, whether it be an item, or BullShit!!

    • Mike Says:

      After emailing David, I received a call from him and explained what happened. Without going in to too much detail, it sounded like he is going to resolve it and speak with the pushy rep. They did get my camera shipped out today as I was hoping for, that was my original request. If I see any extra charges I will dispute the entire thing with my credit card and they can deal with them. I’m not worried. I think everything is all set. If anyone else does have this type of problem I would not hesitate to contact David at the email address above.

      • transparnc Says:

        I am glad you got resolution, but I doubt this guy David is going to change any of his Company’s sales tactics. This has been going on for a while, and it will continue to be their standard operating procedure.
        In addition to their hard selling practices, which is a royal pain in the ass, they have other issues which I explained in my previous posts. In fact, they also misrepresent what they are selling by saying certain items are OEM, when in fact, they are not.

  8. transparnc Says:

    In addition , when you speak to individuals, they use different names even though you are speaking to the same person. As Deceptive as their name is regarding ‘Abes’ is Indicative of their Deceptive business practices across the board.
    Yet people still buy from them, which is astonishing. abes lowers their prices and people come flocking.
    To potential customers, do yourselves a favor and shop around. It may cost you a few bucks more, but will save you Tons of money in the long run, or short run, and save you Wasted Hours on the Phone and online with the customer service department, which is a Fucking Joke…….
    Btw, if you shop around, you will find competitive pricing, and lower pricing on the items you are interested in. In addition, if an item is Much Cheaper than anywhere else, it is most likely because you are NOT getting what you are Paying for, as many customers have stated in their Feedback on various Websites.

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