Bloomberg And The MTA Are In Bed Together!!!!!

It’s all clear now. Bloomberg is still pissed at not getting his Bullshit Congestive pricing Passed. Now the MTA is having Financial Problems. And all of a sudden Bloomberg Throws Congestive Pricing in our Faces!!!! Saying that the MTA needs Congestive Pricing in order to bring in the Badly needed Revenue that the MTA Needs. And Low and Behold, one of the King’s Chronies on the MTA Board agrees that Congestive Pricing is Necessary!!!

Does anyone see what’s going on here?? This is very well though out by the Man who would be King. Bloomberg was going to get Congestive Pricing Passed no matter what it takes. This whole MTA Bullshit is related to Bloomberg and his Congestive Pricing that was denied twice. But it will go up a Third Time. Hopefully it will be Denied Again!!!! It is no wonder that Bloomberg has not said much regarding the Financial Issues that the MTA has Again!!! A well laid plan, which should be obvious to most.

Don’t think for one minute that all of this is Coincidental, because it’s not.

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