Elin Is Outta There!!!!!!!!

She is Getting a Divorce!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…………………Sweden, Here I come………..with 2 Kids and Loads of Money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I guess she realized that if she stayed, she may Kill Woods with an Iron Next time, instead of  just Injuring him.  Well, this is no Great Surprise. She doesn’t need to take Wood’s Shit! And Woods doesn’t need to get Smashed with a Club by his Wife.

Good riddance, Hasta La Vista, and All that Crap!!!!

Hello Oprah Winfrey, as I’m sure the Boinker will be doing an Interview Shortly. If only to beg his wife for Forgiveness on National TV. I can see it now, “Honey, I didn’t mean to Fuck 17 (making sure he has the correct number) Women. I am sorry I hurt you and the Children. Please Forgive me. I know that you need time to heal. I’m sooooooo Very Sorry”……………..As Oprah looks at Woods with Sympathetic eyes.

Elin says Woods will never Change…………….Really?, what a revelation.

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