The MTA Needs An OverHaul!!!!! What Else Is New????????

The MTA is at it again with their Bullshit!!!! Let’s just get rid of everyone on the Board and Start Fresh…………Oh, that was done a year ago when the MTA Chairman was replaced, and massive Changes were going to occur. Well, it’s business as Usual.

We’re in the black, Oh!, wait a minute………… Whoops, we can’t account for $300 Million Dollars. We’re bleeding Money……..We have to make Budget Cuts………Blah, Blah, Blah………………

The Same Bullshit but with a Different Asshole at the Helm. Btw, aren’t the MTA Honchos King Bloomberg’s Chronies???

The MTA brings in $$100’s of Millions of  Dollars Annually. Probably even Billions………..Where is all this Money. Oh, wait……..this has been asked almost every year. Let’s just get rid of all these Shmucks that Run the MTA and Overhaul the Way Business is run over there. This is Absurd. It is the same old story every year. Someone just doesn’t get it, either that, or someones are getting it, all the money that is. There must be a Reason that the MTA is not Overhauled. And I am sure it has to do with Greed and Ego.

Funny how King Bloomberg is Not Chiming in too loud about this. Let’s see, Bloomberg is in Office 8 years and will be there another 4 years, making it 12 Years that our King is in Power. And The MTA has been in Turmoil at least as long as King Bloomberg has been on his Throne…a Connection you say……………….Maybe……..Of Course there is a Connection.

Bloomberg has his Chronies running the MTA, and that is just one of the Many reasons there is a Thing Called TERM LIMITS…… least there was such a thing. Term Limits is Put in Place to Avoid corruptible and Mishandled Agencies such as the MTA. If we had a Different Mayor, The MTA would be Revamped. But now it will be the Same old Thing for at least another 4 Years. And the MTA is only the TIP of the Iceberg when it comes to corruptible Agencies. You have The NYPD, for example, that will be run the same way for another 4 Years, making it a total of 12 Years that you will have the Same Corruption and Police Abuse that has become Rampant in the New York City Police Department. There are many other Departments where the Status Quo will be kept in place because we will have the same Mayor in Office, and with the Mayor comes Many of his Corrupt and Scandalous Appointees and Chronies. And many Departments will continue engage in the same questionable Practices.


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