Tiger Woods On Suicide Watch???????

Is the Boinker on Suicide Watch??? Probably Not, but he Must be on some AntiDepressants., and/or AntiAnxiety Drugs. And if that’s the case, some of those medications actually make you more depressed and Suicidal. This has been Documented, and is now issued as a Warning with these Medications. Just something to be Careful about. Are you Listening Tiger Wood’s Doctors???

I did read that Woods is Highly Depressed. How will he handle this Depression? That is Anyones Guess. But I am Sure his Handlers are Keeping all their Eyes on Woods.

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One Comment on “Tiger Woods On Suicide Watch???????”

  1. transparnc Says:

    Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan cannot get a hold of Woods. His Cell Phone number has been changed (Why would he do that!?) But Woods can call them.
    Not a good sign. Isolation is never good for Depression, although it is the Road most travelled.

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