Tiger Woods Is One Ugly Mother!!!!!

tiger woods elin nordegren

Do you thing that guy, Tiger Woods, would have gotten that girl, Elin Nordegren, if that guy didn’t have a bunch of Money????


And even if he didn’t have as much money then as he does now, the writing was on the wall regarding Woods being the Best Golfer Ever, and The Endorsements and Money were sure to come!!! I wonder how much Woods was worth when Elin decided to Fuck Him and make him hers? And Believe me, Elin knew that Tiger was a Wonderer, or rather that his One Eyed Snake was!!!!


That girl was changing Diapers for a Living, knowing full well that it was only a matter of time until she met her SUGAR DADDY!!!!!! And there he was, Tiger “Boinker” Woods!!!!!

She got her Sugar Daddy, and Now she will have her $$100’s of Millions of Dollars. And if it is True That this Swede was a Cold Fish in Bed after she popped out 2 Babies, which was One of the Reasons that Tiger’s Prick Popped out of his pants so much, Then This Was All A Very Well Thought Out Plan by Elin ‘The Striker” Nordegren. And Believe me, being a Cold Fish wasn’t the Only way Elin was Making Tiger Wood’s Life Difficult. And I will goes as far as to say that it was probably Unbearable for Tiger to Be in the Same House With The Swede. And This must have been going on for a while.

Very hard To Prove, BUT MAKES A LOT OF SENSE TO ME. LIKE PIECES OF A JIGSAW PUZZLE FINALLY FITTING TOGETHER!!! ONLY The Boinker & The Striker, and their Domestic Help and Family know for Sure. But All of This Will Come Out During The Divorce of the Century!!!!!!

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2 Comments on “Tiger Woods Is One Ugly Mother!!!!!”

  1. Supergranny Says:

    Did you know Tiger has changed his first name?…….to Cheetah!

  2. transparnc Says:

    Appreciate the Response!
    But Cheetahs are Cute, and Tiger ain’t, although Wild Tigers are Cute too!!

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