When Will The Sheeple Awake From Their Comas??????


Pelosi is the Overseer of The Swamp, and She ain’t go’in to change anything.
She still didn’t get rid of Charles Rangel, the Asshole Congressman of New York. The Ass that is the Chairman of the Finance Committee, that makes the Tax Laws, yet he hasn’t paid Millions in Taxes over the Years. BUT Pelosi keeps This Criminal on board!!
Politics as Usual my friends, Politics as Usual!! And Obama is no different. He is also Part of The Same Old Political Machine. Very Hard to Change The Washington Political Machine, which Obama is finding out. And he is fitting in with the same old pretty good.
His platform said that he would approve USA Citizens buying Medical Drugs from Canada and Mexico. Well, he just Flipped on the Side of the US Pharmaceutical Companies (PHARMA is the Lobbyist Group), and he passed a law denying USA Citizens from buying drugs from other Countries. In return, the Companies are giving back or whatever they are doing, $$300 Million Dollars, and have promised not to fight Obama’s HealthCare Reform Bill. SAME OLD, SAME OLD!!! Money Talks and Bullshit walks. Obama is Full Of Shit, and hopefully The Sheeple will wake up from their Comas and See Obama for what he really is. Just Another Bullshit Politician. Many of us knew this before he was elected, but many fell for his Golden Tongue, which btw is Fools Gold!!

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6 Comments on “When Will The Sheeple Awake From Their Comas??????”

  1. grouchow Says:

    Great post. Some of us aren’t Sheeple. Some of us have grown some goat horns and are trying to butt them in the butt. Hope some of those crooks at the Capital listen! I can’t wait till the next election. Hopefully, they haven’t done so much damage that we cannot recover!

  2. transparnc Says:

    Thank you for your response. It is apreciated!
    I hear ya. People think the previous Administration was bad, they haven’t seen noth’in yet!! At Least Bush was Strong on Terrorrism.
    This guy Obama bows down to Saudi Sheiks!! Give me a Fucking Break!! The Writing is on the Wall!!
    Obama has backtracked on some key issues that he PROMISED THE SHEEPLE, or rather the People he’d see through, Namely Prescription Drug purchases from other Countries and Getting rid of Partisanship, which he has Been practicing throughout the Health Care Issue by not inviting Republicans to the Table, etc.
    Obama should stick with what he does best, which is being a Local Community Leader. Let him go back to Chicago and get involved with Domestic, Local affairs, and leave the White House and the Presidency to someone who can Handle that Office!!
    Obama is way in over his Head with this one. But at least Michelle and her Mother are living in some nice digs, and getting everything on the People’s Tab. Dresses, Room & Board, Food, Servants, etc,. etc.

  3. grouchow Says:

    On your dashboard, look to the left sidebar and you will see a section called *Links* there you can find the Blog Roll. When you want to share other people’s blogs you add their web address, just navigate to their page and get the http address by copying and pasting to your mouse/clipboard then you can add the link in the blog roll.
    After you have done that you will see your blog roll links on the right sidebar of your blog. 🙂

  4. transparnc Says:

    Thanks much!
    I Googled wordpress and found all the info I needed regarding Links, Widgets, etc. The link didn’t show on the sidebar, so I added the widget, which erased my other widgets, so I re added them.
    Welcome to my Blog Roll!

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