Bloomberg Tells The NYC Disabled To Go Fuck Themselves!!!!

Section 8 is being taken away from the Disabled. Where are these disabled people going to live??? This is just another case of the Lower Class and the Middle Class getting PUSHED out of NYC. NYC is blaming this issue on the Federal Government. I say you don’t have to look that far. Look right here in NYC and you will see who’s to Blame, King Michael Bloomberg. That’s what we get when he was voted into Office for a 3rd Term. 4 More Years of this guy trying to get rid of the Lower & Middles Class Citizens, so Bloomberg can have his Much Wanted Utopia. A City whose Population is Mostly The Rich, The Famous, The Abled, The Upper, Upper Class, etc., etc.

Take a look HERE to see how King Bloomberg feels about the Disabled

And take a look HERE for the Meaningless, Callous, Quasi “Apology.” Bloomberg was better off keeping his Mouth Shut!!!!

This Incident is the RULE and not the Exception on how King Bloomberg feels about the Disabled, which in turn shows us that if you are not of the Elite Class, you don’t deserve ANY RESPECT, and WE would truly like you to Not Live In NYC!! This is True of the Lower and Middle Class.

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