Obama Is A Liar!!!!

A Politician that lies!!!!! That’s a Rarity!! Obama has gone back on a Few things he promised during his Campaign, and what he said he would do once he was President.

He is In Bed with the US Pharmaceutical Companies. He is NOW Against US Citizens buying prescription Drugs from other Countries such as Canada and Mexico. Pharma says that those drugs are not safe. The FDA says the prescription drugs manufactured in other countries are not tested by the FDA and therefore they say they are not safe,as they don’t meet the Safety Standards of the FDA. Obamas Administration agrees with this aka OBAMA and so does the Democratic Congress. PHARMA also promised Obama in a deal back in June that they would not fight the Health care Plan, and they would fund Advertisements to the tune of $$150 MillionDollars pushing for The Health Care Reform Bill, aka The Obama Bill. Pharma also said they would save the CItizens $80 Billion Dollars in Health Care Costs, Whatever the fuck that means!!!!

BUT OBAMA WOULD HAVE TO PROMISE NOT TO PUSH FOR THE NEW LAW MAKING IT LEGAL TO PURCHASE DRUGS FROM OTHER COUNTRIES AND FOR DRUG COMPANIES TO SELL THE DRUGS AT REDUCED PRICES HERE IN THE UNITED STATES. Obviously Obama Promised to not pass the Law, because the Senate struck down its passage the other day.  The Obama Administration has been Pushing Very Hard since June to not Pass the Law. Obama has not come out and said such, but it is well-known to the Public and to Washington that Obama was the Juggernaut behind not getting this Bill Passed. This is just Politics As Usual. Distancing yourself from a Policy that you were the Author of. PHARMA MADE A DEAL TO SAVE CITIZENS $80 BILLION DOLLARS (Whatever that Means?), BECAUSE THEY STOOD TO LOSE OVER A TRILLION DOLLARS IF THE BILL GOT PASSED. ACTUALLY THEY WOULD HAVE LOST MANY TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN PROFIT OVER THE COMING YEARS.!!!

So the People of the US will continue to pay Astronomical Drug Prices, and Many Citizens will continue to DIE because they are not able to Afford the Prescription Drugs that would keep them Alive. It is a Shame and Travesty that Obama decided to Sleep with the Pharmaceutical Companies. And all because he wants to get His Health Plan Reform Bill Passed, and he didn’t want the Drug Companies to stand in the way. And he wanted them to Fight FOR the Bill also, which they agreed to.


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5 Comments on “Obama Is A Liar!!!!”

  1. I said the same thing. This guy has lied so much and nobody seems to really care. The biggest lie he said was when he wanted to get elected. Remember he was gonna end the war as soon as he was elected? Remember that Obama lovers?

  2. transparnc Says:

    Thanks for your Post! The Obamabots and Sheeple are still drinking the Kool-aid, but hopefully in Smaller Sips 🙂
    I blogged previously about the way Obama is going back on many things he said to get elected, yet the Sheeple seem not to care, because obama is still the Chosen One.
    He is just another Politician that says anything to get elected. In Obama’s case, he may have really wanted to change certain things, and thought he could, but the Smart People knew that No Way is One Man going to change the Washington Political Machine. As we see, he is just another Fucking Bullshit Artist.
    All Obama had going for him was what people thought was a Golden Tongue, but it is Real made of Fools Gold!
    He suckered the Masses, and the Masses fell for his Shit. The Sad Truth was that McCain FUCKED UP BIG TIME when he picked Palin as a Runnung Mate, just to get a Woman on the Ticket. That was one of the Biggest Blunders in McCain’s Life, and he knows he Fucked up!!
    And Clinton is a Fucking Asshole. It was a Perfect Storm, for in this case, to elect Obama, which Most of the Smart Ones knew was going to be a Huge Mistake. Sad to say, but in this Election the Pickings were Slim, but McCain was still the Smart Bet, even with his Asshole Running Mate!! Although Palin is a “Looker!”

  3. Saddays Says:

    All I have to say about this health care bill is

    this, its not right to force people into getting

    something they might not want! Look I already pay a

    3rd of my income to dam taxes and fees, now they

    want to force health insurance on me too. I don’t

    want to have to pay some big fat insurance company

    the rest of my income! You have to have car

    insurance and now health insurance too! What if I

    can’t afford it? What if I have a better use for my

    money then to put it in the hands of people like

    AIG! Haven’t the rich robbed the poor enough? Look

    insurance is just a bet between you and the

    insurance company, your betting that you’ll need the

    money on the policy, and they are betting that you

    don’t, but they win no matter what! So you pay the

    insurance company for the rest of your life hoping

    something bad happens so you can use it and its sad!

    Some says what if, but I say it should be my right

    to choose if I want it or not! The US is becoming

    more communist more everyday, force people to buy

    into a bet is just wrong! Is that why the soldiers

    died to defend their right to force us to do what

    they want? I hope not, so please someone stop these

    sorry a-holes and make this country great again!

  4. transparnc Says:

    Thank you for your reply!
    And I agree 100% with what you are saying. People thought Bush was a Bad President, and there are certain things that did go wrong when he was President. But I think he was On Track with bringing it to the terrorists, after these ASSHOLES Bombed US Soil!! I would have liked to have seen what Obama would have done if he was President at the time?? I am Glad He wasn’t!
    But we do know that Obama knows how to BOW DOWN TO ARAB KINGS, and SHOW HIS SUBMISSIVENESS!!
    And now we Know that he has a Socialist Agendae!!
    In a few years time, if this Healthcare Bullshit Plan Passes, Our Healthcare System will go down the Shitter, just like it has in other Countries that have a Similar System.
    I don’t hear of Patients from around the World in need of the Best Doctors choosing Canada or England to go to for treatment. They Come to The United States of America!!!!
    But we’ll see how long that lasts once and if this New Healthcare Bill Passes!!!!

  5. Saddays Says:

    I hope the health care bill don’t pass, but it looks like its going to, and it makes me sad. I wish everyone in the US would call these a-holes and tell them not to pass it, but I guess most won’t and they probably won’t listen anyways until we vote them out, which I hope that what happens at the next election. I didn’t think the Democrats wasn’t like this, mans was I wrong, they say they are 4 the working man yeah right, I don’t c that hear trying to force health care down our throats with out asking us if we want them to redo health care. Look for everyone that read this, hey they are suppose to work of us! We pay them not the other way around. All the money they spend on bailouts, this health care bill, all the money is our hard earned money not theirs! So we the people need to make a stand and tell them not with my money your not! Every dollar they spend, waste on some dumbazz bill, every dollar they make is our money and we should have a say in where it goes and what they do with it. Without us tax payers there is no government! Without our hard earned taxes that they take and spend how they think it should be spend, there is NO US OF A. ! Without us the average joe, the average tax payer they are nothing and it kills me that most people don’t care what they do with their hard earned money, but I care and I wish that the citizens that are scared or don’t care would grow a back bone and stand up for what is right! So please stop this stupid health care bill now!

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