Rosie O’Donnell and Kelly Split Up!!!! Who Gives A Shit??!!

WHO GIVES A FUCKING SHIT!!!!!! So what  these 2 Assholes Split Up!!!!The only ones that people should care about is the KIDS!!!!! These 2 Assholes weren’t Destined to be Together for Too Long, cosidering what a NUTJOB O’Donnell IS!!!!! I don’t know if Kelly is a Nutjob also?? But considering she was with O’Donnell, she must be a Nutjob!! Unless she was with the other Nutjob for the Money??

Imagine what these Kids gotta be going thru. First they have a Couple of Nutjobs for Parents, then the Parents Split Up. Now the Kids will have to deal with this SplitUp also. Which will probably include a lot of Turmoil regarding who the Kids get to Visit and Stay with, and all the other crap that kids go thru when Parents Split Up. The Kids probably have a HeadStart on how to Deal with Shit that O’Donnell Dishes out, considering the Nutjob’s Track Record!!

Too Bad for the Kids and SCREW the Parents!! Hopefully the Kids will get thru this Troubling Time with as little damage as possible. I guess a lot depends on how O’Donnell and Kelly deal with the SplitUp.

Maybe Lindsay Lohan can get in on Some of This Action. She has 2 Winners to Pick From!!

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