Based on a 5 Star Rating System:


1) Abes of Maine (  1/2 Star (And that’s only because the online webstore completed the order!)

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2) (  3 Stars (because I has some good experiences in the past, but the last experience gets 1 Star, which is the reason I will NEVER purchase from them again. In addition, the last experience was a test of their True Salt as a Company, where they FAILED!)

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3)  Epson (  5 Stars. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

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4) Home Depot ( In store – 5 Stars, Online Store – 1/2 Star

I have shopped at Home Depot without issue many times. It is a great store to shop in. I can stay there hours just looking and finding stuff to purchase. BUT be careful when ordering a product online. I ordered a Heater for my Uncle who happens to be a Decorated World War ll Hero. I placed the order online. A few minutes later, I wanted to change the order and upgrade the Heater. I started a Chat Session regarding Changing the order. I was told the Order would have to be cancelled, and that a new order would have to be placed. This was fine with me, but this is what occurred. The Rep said she would cancel the order but I would have to wait 24 Hours to see if the system cancelled the order or not. The Cancel was not Guaranteed. I questioned this and said I now want to CANCEL THE ORDER OUTRIGHT, AND I WILL PLACE THE ORDER WITH SOMEONE ELSE. In addition, I was told if the order was shipped, and I refused it, there could be a restocking fee. I said you gotta be kidding me. She suggested I call Customer Service which I did. The Automated Line said there was a 29 MINUTE WAIT!!!!

I started another Chat session and explained the situation. I was told there was nothing more that could be done except wait. i said this was Unacceptable. With that, The Asshole Rep ended the Chat Session. I called Customer Service Again. this time I was told that the Cancellation did go through. I WILL NEVER DEAL WITH HOME DEPOT ON LINE ORDERING AGAIN. AND I RECOMMEND YOU NOT TO EITHER!!!!

A Company is only as Good as their Customer Service. Whether before, during, or after the Sale. A Jackass can take an Order over the Phone. Or filling out an Order Form online is not indicative of how Good a Company is. It is their Customer service that Makes or Breaks a Company.

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If a Purchase is made from a Company, But there has been No Customer Service Contact due to the Fact that there were No Issues with the Purchase, it will be noted with a *, and will be described.

4) ( 4.5 Stars

I ordered a Camera here and received it on time as stated. The price was very good. I did not have to deal with customer service because I received the item as advertised in a timely fashion. Hopefully, there customer service would be as efficient and rate as highly as their other services did.

 Bionaire ( 5 Stars for Product Quality, 2 Stars for Customer Service Integrity (only because of applied discounts and credits,) 5 Stars for Applied Discounts regarding Product and Shipping Refund

Jarden Corporation is the Parent Company of Bionaire and other companies such as Sunbeam, etc.

First, let me say that their Heating products are Excellent at a really nice price point. They heat up ypur room relly nicely.

I called Bionaire to place an order for my Uncle. He is 89 years old and needed a Heater in a hurry. I had a Bionaire and ordered him one also. The order was placed with a Jarden Corporation Representative. He was very nice and gave me 25% off the heaters price. I paid an additional $34 for 2 day shipping in order to get this heater before the New Years, or the heater would have been received almost a week later due to the Holiday and weekend. The order was placed.

I soon learned that the shipment was not even in the UPS System. I called Bionaire 4 times. First I was told to call UPS myself regarding where the shipment is. I said why should I call UPS if the Order does not even show it has been shipped in your system? I was given a line of Bull. I called UPS and they said they don’t show it in their system and to call Bionaire. To make a long story short, after 4-5 calls and 3 Bionaire Reps, the order was in the system and was scheduled for delivery on time (something sounded strange re the info I was given.) I was told thaat because of the hardship regarding this order, that the $34 shipping fees would be refunded. I appreciated that but said that it is important that I receive this item on the promised delivery date. I was assured I would. THE ITEM NEVER CAME ON THE PROMISWED DATE, AND I RECEIVED IT A WEEK LATER AS IF THERE WAS NO EXPEDITED SHIPPING!! NYC HAD TEMPERATURES IN THE TEENS AND MY UNCLE WAS FREEZING HIS ASS OFF!!!







The Heater finally arived with a weeks delay.

I spoke to 5 Reps and a Supervisor prior to the Heater arriving. It was the Supervisor who assured me of Delivery. She ended up being the Biggest BS Artist of them all!!!! But at least she refunded the Shipping Charges, even though she said I would receive the item on time, which I didn’t. I have to check and make sure I received the applied credit for Shipping.

I didn’t call back after the Heater was received Late, because I didn’t want to deal with these BULLSHIT ARTISTS!!!




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