Kwanzaa, What’s Up with This Politically Correct Based Generated Holiday??????

What’s up with this holiday. It was created supposedly back in 1965 to celebrate the history of African-Americans or something like that. This was just a holiday that was created by some politically Correct minded individual or individuals. it is not a Holiday that has any history. Since the day after Christmas, when kwanzaa begins, you hear it mentioned in the media more than 10 times a day!!!!! I am watching TV and NY 1 mentions the holiday at least 10x a day.
I guess they don’t want any letters from sharpton and the gang!! speaking about racial ignorance.

Kwanzza…………………..not really a Holiday but some PC motivated event without any real history.. Probably a financial windfall for some. We are getting so politically correct, you get in trouble for saying Merry Christmas!!! It is now Politically Correct to say Happy Holidays!!!! I say Bullshit!!!!!!

Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!!! oh, and Happy Kwanzaa, whatever that means??

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